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bolster in yoga

The Top 6 Benefits of Using a Bolster in Yoga

Yoga is one of the greatest forms of physical exercises in the world. It not only heals the body but also the mind, thus creating a balance between both. Yoga is an ancient form of exercise which more and more number of people has started opting for, for a healthier living. In order to perform […]

handling depression with best vitamins and supplements

Handling Depression with Best Vitamins and Supplements

It is a fact that millions of people suffer from anxiety, stress and depression in the world.  There could be many reasons for depression including the rising unemployment, physical problems, inability to find happiness, marital problems and others.  Not just adults and the elderly, many children too suffer from major depressive disorders across the world. […]

smith machine

Is Smith Machine a More Useful Equipment for Weight Training than Barbells?

If you are into weight training, you will find a number of equipments like the dumbbells, barbells or the smith machine which could be useful to you. Using these, you can perform a variety of exercises. The question is which one is better for you? People have personal preferences based on which mainly they make […]

vegan diet

Dos and Don’ts of a Vegan Diet

Vegan diet is a kind of a diet in which one has to cut down on all kinds of animal products such as fish, poultry, meat, eggs and dairy products. This kind of a diet is different from vegetarian diet in which one can eat dairy products. It has become an increasingly popular choice in […]

celebrity liquid diets

Celebrity Liquid Diets: Do they Actually Work?

Liquid diets seem to be the new fad among the celebrities. They are usually resorted to when there is a need to drastically lose weight. A lot of performers in the west have taken recourse to this off late.   Celebrities like Gyneth Paltrow and Oprah are devout followers of this diet. It is generally believed […]