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inversion table for back pain

How to use an Inversion Table for Back Pain

Inversion therapy is a kind of a therapy which is used to provide relief in back pain.  This therapy finds use in those cases where back pain is caused due to a spinal condition or degenerated discs.  What these conditions do is that they place the gravitational pressure on the nerve roots which leads to […]

benefits and side effects of using copper supplements

List of Benefits and Side Effects of Using Copper Supplements

Copper is a trace mineral and is also the third most abundant of all the trace elements found in the human body.  Copper plays an important role in preventing iron deficiency since without small amounts of copper, iron cannot get absorbed and offer its benefits to the body. Besides this, there are many other reasons […]

health benefits of chinese baoding balls

7 Amazing Health Benefits of Chinese Baoding Balls

Chinese Baoding balls also known as Chinese exercise balls or Chinese stress balls are the kinds of balls which can provide many health benefits when used during meditation or exercise.  These balls were first originated in Baoding, China and this is why they are named as Baoding balls. These balls not only help to relieve […]

Planning to Buy Used Fitness Equipments- Know These 6 Useful Tips

Planning to Buy Used Fitness Equipments- Know These 6 Useful Tips

Buying brand new and first hand fitness equipments can prove to be a very expensive affair for most of us. Whether it is buying weights or purchasing a treadmill for your home gym, you will have to part with a lot of your hard earned income in order to have your personal fitness goods. But […]

interesting body hacks

Top 5 Interesting Body Hacks to Know About

Our body is the most amazing machines in the world. The number of functions it performs each day and the many things that it is capable of doing are just astonishing. Scientists are discovering new thing about the human body every single day. It is very interesting to know that there are many body hacks […]