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reasons how yoga is better than the gym

7 Reasons How Yoga is Better than the Gym

The debate between yoga and gym is endless. While gym enthusiasts will argue that gym offers a much more complete workout, yoga lovers will differ. It is true that while gym is only good for the body, yoga on the other hand helps both the body and the mind. Yoga is a practice which helps […]

powerful ways to meditate at work

7 Powerful Ways to Meditate at Work

Meditation is one of the most amazing practices not just for the health of a person but also for the mind. This practice quiets the mind, helps one concentrate better and also gives peace and calm. If you are someone who feels stressed out at work due to which you think your performance deteriorates, then […]

health issues faced by skinny people

Top 6 Health Issues Faced by Skinny People

While there has been a lot of talk about the health issues faced by obese people, we often forget that even being too thin or skinny has its own disadvantages. Skinny people too are at a risk of suffering from several health conditions. Being underweight can make people more susceptible to certain diseases and illnesses […]

qigong amazing benefits

Qigong and its Many Amazing Benefits for you

Qigong is a kind of a gentle exercise which is comprised of certain movements which have to be repeated a number of times in order to stretch the body and to increase the fluid movement. This is a 3000 year old self healing method which originated in China and consists of both internal and external […]

know about shadow boxing workout

Everything you Need to Know about Shadow Boxing Workout

As the name suggests, shadow boxing is a kind of a boxing practice in which you hit or punch not a punching bag but the air. Yes, this is one form of workout which doesn’t require you to have any kind of supporting equipment but is one in which you practice boxing in front of […]

fitness with tennis

Better Fitness with Tennis

Athletics play a large role in American culture. We show up in astronomical numbers to marvel at the acrobatic skill of our professional athletes. When we think of the fittest athletes in sports, we think of the high-flying dunkers of the NBA, or an NFL wide receiver making an impossible catch in the end zone. […]