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muscle spasms

Best Ways to Treat Muscle Spasms

A muscle spasm refers to the involuntary and mostly sudden contraction of a muscle. The spasms can occur in any body part or the muscle of the body. These muscles can include the calf, the hands, the back, thigh i.e. the skeletal muscles; or even the digestive tract or other smooth muscle types. The causes […]

slant boards uses and benefits

Slant Boards: Uses and Benefits

At the basis of their evolution, a slant board would refer to any board which was long and broad enough to accommodate you and support your weight. You would then lie on it with one side of the board lifted up from the floor. While the use of the board has remained the same, the […]

vibration machine for exercise

Tips to Select a Vibration Machine for Exercise

A vibration plate/ a vibration machine are equipment designed to induce contractions in the muscles of the user. The contractions are induced by sending in waves of energy or inducing waves of activity in the body through the vibrations the machine emits when you stand on it or rest any part of your body on […]

tips to get an hour glass figure

Tips to Get an Hour-Glass Figure

An hourglass figure is a distinctive body shape. It refers to a round and curvy physique with a completely well-defined waistlines. The fuller hips and bust with a defined waistline give an individual the shape like that of an hour glass. Most women around the globe consider this to be the most desirable body shape. […]

lesser known health facts about diet soda

7 Lesser Known Health Facts about Diet Soda

Diet soda is a drink which is considered to be a healthier and low caloric alternative to sodas or fizzy drinks. The generally healthy seeming diet soda in turn is in fact not so healthy. Yes, it is true that when one chooses to consume diet soda as against any other fizzy sugary drink, the […]