10 Exercises To Get Lean Body In No Time

A lean body has all body tissue except storage fat. The body is firm, muscles developed, shoulders round and abs chiseled.

Their shoulders are broad, quad muscles are strong and the chest is wide.

Lean body mass is made up of structural and functional elements in body water, muscles, cells, bones and other organs such as liver, kidneys and heart.

To get the lean muscle, you have to follow body building exercises.

The body builders beside you give you a nod on the work you have perfected through years and women will just stare and feel that only real men can get this body.

One with lean body is cool and confident and there is smoothness in their moves that attracts women. Female body building steps are helpful for you. If you have lean body, it gives energy to carry out your day to day activities with commitment and gives the liveliness to your life.lean body

How to attain lean body mass? If you don’t have lean and muscular body, you have to follow some tips to get there in no time.

Body building exercises requires good diet and exercise program. Below are some valuable tips for body building routine that help in getting that sculpted and lean body.

General Guidelines For Body Builder

  1. Before starting body building routine, refer your exercise, diet and supplementation program to your doctor. Follow the doctor’s recommendations and start body building exercise program.
  2. Take the help of a professional trainer and guidance to teach the techniques of body building exercise workout for the execution of exercises properly. Before lifting any load, ask your trainer about your current level and appropriate load you can lift.

Eating And Supplementation for Getting Lean Body Mass

Proper diet for body building routine
The diet for body building routine is designed to build muscle mass while eliminating fat. You should understand that there is no specific diet which fits for all the body builders. The diet which works for you may not work for others. You have to experiment to uncover which diet suits you best.

Diet for body building routine consists of high protein foods and complex carbohydrates. High protein helps in building muscles effectively and carbohydrates give energy. Healthy fats are required for healthy hair, nails and for your hormones.

Supplements for body building routine:
Supplements for body building routine are needed to supply more nutrients to your body for quicker recovery. Supplements for body building routine like amino acids, minerals and vitamins help for quicker recovery. These supplements for body building routine give more energy for your workouts.

Protein powders provide good supplementation for daily intake of protein from food. Quality proteins are present in protein powders which are used by the body to build muscles. These powders are provided with multivitamins especially designed for body builders like you.

Eat small servings:
Eat small servings of meals five to six times a day. This provides constant energy to your muscles with necessary nutrients. Processing of foods that you eat becomes easier if you take smaller servings.

10 Body Building Exercises For Building A Lean Body Mass

1. Body building exercise for calves
Standing Calf Raises: This body building exercise will affect the overall mass of the calves and it is the best exercise for overall development of calves.

Execution: Stand on the standing calf raise equipment with your toes on the block and with your heels out. Place your shoulders under the pads. Straighten your legs as you lift the selected weight. With knees slightly bent, lower your heels toward the floor throughout the movement. From the bottom point, raise your toes up and then back down.

2. Body building exercise for triceps
Seated Triceps Press: This body building exercise will target all three triceps heads.

Execution:Start by grabbing the barbell with hands closer using an overhand grip, in a seated position. Raise the barbell over your head. Lower the weight behind your head by keeping your elbows stationary and close to your head until the triceps are stretched. Using your triceps, press the weight back up over your head.

3. Body building exercise for chest
Barbell Incline Bench Press: This exercise will develop the mass and strength of your pectoral muscles.

Execution: Lie on your back on an incline exercise bench. Lift the barbell off the rack, hold it straight up and slowly lower it to about three inches and then press the bar back to the start position. The bar should not be touched to the upper chest.

4. Body building exercise for abs
The V-Sit: This is for abdominals that will target the lower and upper abdominals.

Execution: Lie with your back on the floor. The legs should be straight and together and arms should be on your sides. Lift your legs, arms and trunk at the same time. Your trunk and legs will form a “V” (with the legs straight).

5. Body building exercise for forearms
Dumbbell Wrist Curl: This body building exercise works the flexor muscles of the forearms.

Execution: Take a pair of dumbbells and take a seat on the edge of a bench. Rest your wrists on the edge of your knees with your palms up. The right wrist should be placed on right knee and left wrist on the left knee. Allow the dumbbells to be lowered all the way so that you feel a stretch in your flexors.

6. Body building exercise for back
Seated Cable Rows: This body building exercise will develop the thickness of the back. It will also work your lower lats.

Execution: Sit on a seated cable row machine with pulleys and hold the rowing handle with both hands. Pull the handle into your stomach area. Return to the starting position and repeat. Remember to keep your back straight and perpendicular to the floor throughout the exercise workout.

7. Body building exercise for thigh
Squats: This exercise will develop your legs, especially the thighs. It will target quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, adductors, and hip flexors.

Execution: Position the bar across the upper part of your back of your shoulders. Firmly hold the bar with hands double shoulder width apart. Keep your shoulder blades together and chest up as you lift the bar off the rack and be sure there is a normal curve in your lower back.

Begin by bending at the hips, then knees. Keep your back straight and head up and slowly lower yourself down until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Now press the weight up, pushing hard through your feet and keeping your body straight as you return to the starting position.

8. Body building exercise for hamstrings
Leg Curls: This body building exercise will develop the hamstrings.

Execution: Lie on the leg curl machine with face down. Hold on to the handles of the bench for support. Hook your heels under the lever mechanism of the exercise equipment. Your legs should be straight. Bend your knees and bring your heels towards your backside. Hold this fully contracted position for a count of two. Slowly lower your heels back to the starting position.

9. Body building exercise for shoulders
Military Press: It is primarily a shoulder exercise. It can be performed either in seated position or in standing position.

Execution: Sit firmly on an exercise bench that will allow you to put a barbell on a rack behind and above you. Grab hold of a barbell using an overhand grip and hold it at your shoulder level. Your palms should be underneath and hands should be outside your shoulders with elbows tucked in. Lift the barbell and press it straight up over your head, keeping the weight balanced. Then lower the barbell in front of your head back to the initial position.

10. Body building exercise for biceps
Barbell Biceps Curl: This body building exercise will develop the biceps.

Execution: Stand with your legs shoulder width apart. Keep your abdominal muscles tight and elbows in. Lift the weight upwards while focusing on biceps muscles. Pause when the weight is 90 degrees from your shoulder joint and then lower back the bar to starting position.

Tips For Body Building Routine:

1. Following the stages:
In the first stage of body building routine, concentrate on proper execution of exercises and increase the load by intensifying the exercise to gain muscle mass.

In the second stage of body building routine, increase the intensity of exercise by increasing the number of repetitions per set with moderate load.

In the third stage of body building routine, intensify the workout with circuit training, forced negatives, supersets, flushing method, and stripping method [Body building tips].

2. Frequency of workout:
Frequency of workout should be 3 to 4 times a week at one hour per day.

Aerobic Exercises For Body Building Routine

The muscles will be more evident if you have less fat in your body. Your hard work and diet will be shown if you have less fat.

You can vary the aerobic exercise for body building routine depending up on your body requirements. Don’t combine aerobic and weight training in one session, as you may not be able to perform effectively the other one.

If you want to do both at one session, perform the aerobic work out at last. Don’t lift weights if you are out of breath or have been exhausted by the aerobic workout.

You can burn calories by using a stationary bike as it is a good way to take the stress out which is placed on your knee joints with repeated movement and bouncing.

If your knees are well, then you can opt for skipping or jogging. These are high intensity exercises and with increase in speed they can be employed.

Cleansing And Detoxification:

Cleansing the system is important for attaining lean body mass, as the body contains harmful and toxic substances inside contributing more risks for illness. They also interfere in functioning of body. Cleansing and detoxification make your body free of toxins and substances and increases metabolism. With increased metabolism, more calories can be burned.

With cleansing and detoxification, the body will be able to absorb better nutrients from the food you take. Your body will use the nutrients that would have undergone to waste. It also helps in efficient functioning of the body and in burning unwanted fats effectively.

Get A Lean Body With Body Building Routine

It is simple but to attain it is not that much easy. You have to follow proper body building diet and body building exercise plan and work with discipline and destination to reach body building goal.

You should not miss the body building exercise session and if you miss one session, you should be at gym on the next scheduled session. If you are losing your way, get back on the track.

Body building routine is a process which you will definitely reach it along the way and in each level you have to target for more, that is more workout, more intensity, bigger biceps, massive chest and chiseled abs.

To achieve this, don’t go too hard and injure yourself, but follow the body building routine in a strict way and stick to the diet and exercise to get a lean and muscular body. Eat healthy food, sleep well and maintain cleanliness to get lean body mass.

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