10 Techniques For A Turbo-Charged Body Building Workout

You are working from long time and you are not satisfied with the current exercise program for body building workout.

It is not giving maximum gain in your muscle and your body is still in the same level where you have started.

Increase the load and you can see good results. Increase the number of repetitions to vary your workout. Increase the intensity of workouts and minimize the rest periods.

Still, following these techniques does not provide you with the variety you are looking for and find it boring, go for other alternative Exercise workout ways to intensify your body building workout.body building workout

Alternative Ways To Intensify Your Body Building Workout

Intensify your body building workout with more ways in your exercise program. Use advanced means in achieving the results for body building workout.

There are many ways to bring your body building routine to new levels, and higher levels at that. It usually requires creativity on your part to mix things up, do some combinations, and try out new things that you think would work for you.

Every one has different goal and different needs. Each one has different strength and weak points. Approach will be different for maximum benefit in each one’s case. You have to decide which one will work for you and which will satisfy your body building workout goal.

Turbo-charged Safety Body Building Workout

Turbo-charged safety body building workout means you are already in the middle or advanced stages of your body building routine. Before going for turbo-charged body building workout, take the approval of your personal doctor. Because turbo-charged body building workout means you have to intensify your workout than before.

As you are already in the body building routine, you know to do the exercise techniques safely and effectively. But take the help of a trainer for advice when you have decided for turbo-charged body building workout program. Consult a nutritionist or a doctor for including nutrition in your diet for bodybuilding routine.

Turbo-Charging Your Body Building Workout

warm-up-exercisesFind out the turbo-charging techniques available for use and check which will be suitable for you and your body type. If more than one is suitable for you, use them alternatively.

Use different ways of intensifying your body building workout to gain your muscle. This way, you can enjoy your workout and feel challenging and it also helps in building muscle mass.

Warm Up for Your Intensity Of body building Workout

Warm up exercises are important in body building routine to avoid any risk for injuries. You can do stretching exercise and light warm up sets of the exercise to prepare yourself for the higher intensity exercises. You can also include light cardio workout exercises.

The Ten Techniques For Body Building Routine To Give Boring Workouts A Boost!

1. Heavy-Duty Training
Heavy duty training in a body building routine training is based on doing very intense, brief and intense workouts. The goal is to add weight to the bar at every workout. It is increasing the load while decreasing the number of repetitions in the succeeding sets.

Another way to do this is by going directly to the maximum weight you can lift and by lessening the load in the rest of the sets if already impossible to carry out in correct form with the same number of reps.

Heavy duty training for body building routine is effective to gain strength and muscle mass. Heavy duty training can be done by a combination of any of the techniques mentioned here.

2. Isolation Training
Isolation training in body building routine targets specific muscles for more intensity for that particular area. This type of training helps to control the size of the specific muscles effectively. Remember a particular exercise hits more than one muscle.

Bench press hits the triceps, pecs and front deltoids. Dumbbell fly’s work specifically on pecs. Therefore the term isolation is used. Isolation training for body building routine aims on specific areas of a particular muscle. If you want to improve and develop muscle of any weak area effectively, then it is the good way.

3. Supersets
Supersets are two exercises performed back to back which target opposing muscle groups. Some even do three exercises in succession which is called trisets. Supersets work best for opposing body parts.

Supersets can be in two ways. One way is doing two different exercises for body building routine in a row that hit the same muscles. Other way is doing two exercises for body building routine in a row hitting two different muscle groups.

4. The “One-and-a-Half” Method
One and a half method in body building routine means performing first with a complete motion of the exercise or called as full rep and then with half repetition. One has to alternate between a full rep and a half rep until the set is done. Motions should be done in strict form and all should be controlled.

5. Forced Repetitions
When you reach the point of failure in the set, it is impossible to complete one more repetition of any exercise with correct technique. One way to increase the intensity is completing one more forced repetition with the help of a training partner.

The best way to do forced repetitions is by keeping the same weights on the bar and asking your training partner to help to complete three extra repetitions with correct form. Forced repetitions in body building routine should be avoided until you have learned good lifting techniques and prepared your muscles for this forced repetitions.

6. Multi-Exercising
Multi-exercising in body building routine is different than supersets. Multi-exercise sets use different exercises for each set instead of just doing one exercise for all sets. With this type of training, you will be able to hit a particular muscle in different angles.

For example, instead of doing 5 to 6 sets of a particular exercise for a body part, one will do different exercises for each set each time. For chest press, you do barbell flat bench press, then an incline dumbbell press, parallel bar dips, straight arm pullovers and finally incline dumbbell fly’s. Unlike supersets, there will be rest periods between sets.

7. The Cheat Method
Cheat method is done in body building routine when one can no longer perform a repetition in strict form. When muscle fatigue begins to set in or the weight is too heavy, the body builders use surrounding muscle groups to assist in the movement. It means one makes use of other muscles to help perform one more rep and complete the set.

When doing alternate dumbbell, if you feel no longer you can do in perfect form, get the help of your shoulder and back muscles to lift the weight. One should still let the major muscle targeted, to do most of the work – and you cheat by asking the other set of muscles to help out.

8. Partial Repetitions
Partial repetition for body building routine is defined as using only half the exercise, specific range of motion for a particular exercise. This type of intensity training is done at the end of a set when you can no longer do a full repetition. You continue with partial repetitions until failure. This will pound on those muscles like never before.

9. Forced Negatives
With forced negatives, you will get full benefit of the lift. You should not allow the weight to drop but instead resist the downward motion with as much, if not more effort that you put into the lift itself. In this type, you ask your exercise partner to press down on the weight as it goes down for increased resistance. One should be careful though that the external force applied is done so in a smooth and careful manner to avoid injury.

10. Static Training
Static training for body building workout generates high intensity by maximizing weight while minimizing hold times. It means holding on to the muscle particular position for ten seconds to give the muscle a new way of training. Taking weight and holding it in that position of contraction for ten seconds.

Instead of focusing on amount of exercise and frequency, static training emphasizes on intensity of workout session. This is done by working with excess weights than what you should have used during a traditional strength training workout routine

Do Not Over train

Over-trainingEvery body builder expects good results from their body building workout and would want to get the muscles hit hard at every move to improve their development and growth. But one should be careful in training the body.

Your muscles don’t grow when they are being worked; they grow only when they are at rest.

Work your muscles in the gym and give enough time to recover and then again work on them. If you give recovery time for the muscles, they will become bigger and stronger. If you are not giving time for recovery, the muscles remain same and there will be no growth in the muscle.

Symptoms of overtraining are feeling tired all the time, getting sick, and no strength gain for an extended period of time. If you experience these symptoms, stop working, take rest and start back with a new routine.

Turbo-charging your body building workout means more intensity and more stress is placed upon the muscles and joints of your body. You should follow with care and not go to the extra training when your body is not ready yet.

Don’t increase the intensity of your workout faster. Increase the intensity slowly and do it safely to reduce the risk of injuries.

Turbo-charge your body building workout now, and feel the void filled in by the increased intensity of your workouts. You will find yourself even more dedicated to your body building workout, and you will not find the time to roam your attention around the gym – as these turbo-charging techniques will not disappoint you.

Give these techniques a try for body building routine, and convert them to your specific turbo-charged body building workout needs – and you will soon discover, that what you lack now is not the intensity, but the rest needed to recover from the workout you have so put upon yourself.

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