Build Muscle Mass To Get Into Shape And Look Greater!

All guys and girls desire for great muscle mass with big arms and chest along with six pack abs.

But, many of them think that only professional body builders can achieve that type of bodies.

You can also build muscle mass to look greater. It only requires hard work and right workout routine.

There are some fantastic exercises which help to build muscle mass and make others’ heads turn faster to your side.Build Muscle Mass

Exercises to build muscle mass:

Chest workout! Your chest and shoulder muscles work with chest workouts. The equipment needed for this workout to build muscle mass is dumbbells and flat bench. Lie back on flat bench and hold two dumbbells of equal weight. Bend your elbows slightly and rest the dumbbells on your thighs.

The dumbbells should be moved in the form of arch from your thighs to just behind your head, until the dumbbells touch. The dumbbells should be returned back to thighs using reverse motion. Repeat the exercise.

Bicep workout! Bicep muscles work with bicep workouts. The equipment needed to execute the exercise to build muscle mass is flat bench, high pulley and straight bar attachment.

Attach the straight bar attachment to the cable at high pulley station. The flat bench should be placed perpendicular to the weight stack and sit on it.

Lie flat on the bench using underhand grip. Extend your arms fully. The bar should be curled until your forearms touch your biceps and squeeze hard for count. Now, return the bar to the starting position and repeat the exercise.

Ab workout! Lie down on the floor with legs bent and feet flat. Arms should be placed by your sides. Feet should be pressed firmly into the floor. The pressure should be maintained throughout the exercise.

Slowly sit up until your torso is at a 45 degree angle to the floor and roll up one vertebrae at a time. Roll back down slowly while continuing to press your feet into the floor firmly.

Leg workout! Quadriceps and gluteus maximus muscles work with leg workout. The equipment needed for leg workout to build muscle mass is power rack and barbell.

The barbell should be placed in the power rack approximately waist high. Arms should be wrapped around the bar to make sure the bar is in the crease of your elbows.

Elbows should be shoulder width apart with your hands crossing in front of your sternum to stabilize the bar. Holding the bar close to the body, stand and spread your feet so that they are few inches wider than your shoulders. Keep the back straight and squat until the elbows touch your knees. Stand up and repeat the exercise.

Lifting dumbbells is the basic form to build muscle mass. Lifting too much weight too soon can cause injury. When building muscle mass, you should follow healthy diet. To fuel your workouts, intake of carbohydrates is necessary.

Perform the exercises in a proper way. If you are a beginner desiring to build muscle mass, then take help of instructor for correct execution.

Don’t expect the results sooner because you can’t see the results quickly. You have to stick to your exercise program so that you can see the result in at least three months.