Get a Jaw Dropping Body in Lesser Time

Does it seem to you that you are putting a lot of time in the gym but not getting the results you would like to see? Does it feel that all the hours you spent have gone to waste without much improvement in the size of your arms? Well, welcome to the club as you are not the only one feeling like that.  A lot of people complaint about not getting desired results in the gym while some others seem to build amazing looking bodies in a lesser frame of time. Here are a few bodybuilding tips which will help you see better results within less time spent in the gym:

Get A Jaw Dropping Body In Lesser Time

Employ drop sets and super sets

If you are really interested in getting the desired muscles in the shortest period of time possible then you must start using super sets and drop sets.  Both these exercising methods will give you the same results as a standard workout of straight sets but in a lesser period of time.

Shorten rest time

Many people tend to take breaks between sets and this is the time which makes all the difference. Try to cut down on the rest time between 2 sets. It is a fact that it takes about 90 seconds for your breathing rate to come back to normal and hence this is the rest time that you should allow yourself if you wish to get your desired physique in the shortest time period.

Use more number of machines

Rather than using more of free weights, you must make it a point to get down more on machines.  It takes a longer time to use weights as loading and unloading kills off a lot of precious moments. But in case of machines, it hardly takes any time for the set up. Try this out for a while and notice the amount of time you save.

Don’t do the exercises that don’t count

In the same workout session, it is pointless to do flat barbell bench presses and machine flat bench presses. You must realize that this way, you are only wasting your time without reaping any benefits. You must always have a plan of action before hitting the gym and inspection of your routine is really important. Take the help of the instructor if you need but avoid doing any kind of redundant exercises.

Focus and cut the distractions

Gyms can have several distracting elements and this may unknowingly kill your focus. But how about cutting off all these distractions and just focusing on getting a Hot Body? Well just keep your goal in mind and distractions will flutter out on their own. Avoid chit chatting with the other gym-goers and avoid getting lost in the song playing in the background.

Avoid using straps and wraps

Straps and wraps definitely have their use but don’t you think it’s wastage of time? Avoid getting into the habit of strapping yourself as it takes away a good few minutes which you could use in workout.

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