Learn How to Get Bigger Biceps

All men would like to have big biceps, but how to get bigger biceps? These are those muscles that are the easiest to show off and women simply love to wrap their arms around a strong biceps.

The interesting thing about the biceps is that they are a relatively small muscle compared to the other muscles of the body. This is good because it is easier to engage them in workout activity than in case of the larger muscle groups.

how-to-get-bigger-bicepsHow to get bigger biceps: dial the right ‘frequency’

Since they are small muscles and they are also used in compound exercises when working with other muscle groups as well, it is more likely to over train them than any other muscle group.

A lot of people know by now that the best way to get bigger biceps is to let them rest, because that it when the muscles grow. In case you are training them on a daily basis, you will have a major disappointment.

You should stick with one targeted arms workout every week and so the muscles will have the recovery time that they need.

How to get bigger biceps: upgrade your R.O.M.

R.O.M. refers to the range of motion that a muscle has. If you would like to make the best of your biceps, you should train all the fibers. The method to get bigger biceps includes taking the muscle from full ‘pronation’ and bringing it to full ‘supination’.

You won’t impress anyone by taking shortcuts. If you want the workout to have some visible results, you have to start each repetition having your arms fully extended. This is the way to get bigger biceps.

A little trick that might help you is to first briefly flex the triceps before you lift the weight. In case you follow these suggestions you can know that you have done everything to stimulate muscle growth.

How to get bigger biceps: recruit your main squeeze

In case you would like to find a way to get bigger biceps, first you have the show the muscles how it is to be bigger. At the top of your curl squeeze the muscle really hard for 1-2 seconds. This way you will make the muscle contract, and the bicep will get a ‘road block’. That squeeze will make blood, lactic acid and water get into the muscle and there will be an intense ‘pump’.

As a response, the muscle cells will start to thicken and the capillaries of the muscle will start to grow in number and also size to be able to hold more fluid. The stem cells will split up to form new fibers and this is the method to get bigger biceps.

When thinking about how to get bigger biceps there is one thing that you will have to give up: the heavy weights that you have been using up to now because chances are that they are too heavy and they are only helping your ego and not your biceps.