Is It Safe To Use Prohormones For Improving Body Physique?

A serious body builder depends on prohormones in regular training routine. These prohormones are mainly useful for building unparallel muscle mass and also offers you fat reducing capabilities.

However, these prohormones contributes to certain side effects in your body.

Before using these supplements, it is very essential for you to know about these side effects and certain ways to reduce these adverse effects on your body.

Know more about Potential effects of prohormones:

Gynecomastia (gyno):

This is one of the most fearful side effects of using androgen. Gynecomastia is a benign enlargement of the male breast. Gyno mainly occurs due to excessive levels of estrogen, which mainly aggravates with excessive fat in your body and also due to certain genetic factors.prohormones

If you are really concerned about this condition, then just try to avoid the use of prohormones, which are main agonists of estrogen compounds.

It is always important to keep a prescription of anti-estrogens with you and try to use them at the initial stages of gyno development such as large and very itchy nipples. If you still experience any symptoms of gyno in the initial few weeks of a cycle, then it is sensible to discontinue the cycle immediately.


In most of the cases, it is sure for you to live with this condition of skin, if you have decided to use steroids or prohormones for improving your muscle mass; however, some of you can be at much more increased risk of developing acne than others.

A wide variety of topical medications are available for treating acne. Try to consult any experienced dermatologist and take proper care of skin and at the same time try to reduce the usage of prohormones.

Liver and kidney problems due to prohormones:

Inflammation in your liver and kidneys is a controversial issue of using prohormones, with toxicity of liver being of greater concern [Most common liver problems]. Antioxidants, intake of certain mitochondrial nutrients and also consuming green tea can help you immensely for these conditions. Some times, milk thistle can also become beneficial for you in treating these conditions [Kidney disease].

Apart from these above mentioned side effects, some of the other significant effects of using prohormones include severe hair loss, certain psychological effects such as depression, insomnia, etc. and also you can experience prostate enlargement.

In order to avoid all these unwanted adverse effects of health in your life, try to avoid consuming prohormones. It is always advisable to take suggestions from any experienced doctor or fitness instructor before taking prohormones for improving your muscle mass.