Jason Statham Workout or How to Look Like a Hollywood Hunk

One of the most important things to know about the Jason Statham workout is that it has been especially designed for him. The workout has been continuously manipulated through the process to fit his needs and expectations and also his diet and lifestyle.

There are numerous different factors that influenced the workout of Jason Statham including nutrition, recovery, sleep quality, physical injuries and career demands.

Jason Statham WorkoutAt the beginning of the workout there is need for warm-up. This consists of rowing. For this he has been using the Concept 2 rowing machine for 10 minutes, making at least 20 strokes per minute.

After rowing, the pyramid circuit of the warm-up for the Jason Statham workout is the next thing in line. This means that there have been three different kinds of exercises, pushup, ring pullups and bodyweight squat.

The pyramid circuit of the workout for Jason Statham means that he has done at the beginning one of each of the exercises without resting and then in the following circuit the number of exercises performed has been increased by one.

In the first day there has been only one workout performed, the deadlift. This has been done through starting with a light weight and then adding to the weight while decreasing the repetitions. Also the rests were increased. As he got closer to the ideal weight of what now is called ‘the Jason Statham workout’, the rest period has been increased to 3 minutes.

The first weight that has been used was of 135 pounds, for 10 reps with a 1 minute rest. Then followed the one of 185 pounds for 5 reps and 2 minutes of rest.

The next steps were 235 pounds one for 3 reps and 3 minutes of rest, 285 pounds  with two reps and 3 minutes of rest, and from then on there has been only one rep with the 325 pounds, 340 pounds, 350 pounds, 360 pounds and 365 pounds weight, with 3 minutes of rest between the sets.

You should remember that in order to be able to perform the workout for Jason Statham, you should have a personal trainer that decides which weights you have to lift.

Naturally at the end of every Jason Statham workout there is some time used for cool down. As an example he had to spend 10 minutes on the trampoline while he performed freestyle aerial work.

You should know about Jason Statham and his workout that he has been an Olympic swimmer, so he is able to perform quite advanced exercises at this moment.

The advantage of the trampoline is not only fine-tuning, but it is also said to be good for the lymphatic system and for flushing the toxins from your cells.

All in all fitness experts can say that the Jason Statham workout isn’t the easiest one possible, but it isn’t impossible to do. Also it is important to remember that the workout for Jason Statham has been specially created for him and in case you want to work out using his style, get a personal trainer able to tune this workout routine so it will fit you.