A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Fitness

Not everyone has the time or the patience to get fully involved in workouts and dieting regimes to stay fit. But it is really important to have a healthy mind, body and soul to lead a full, happy and fulfilling life. So what should be done by those whose daily routines make them too lazy to do more to stay fit? Well here are a few points which will help all those who lead a lazy lifestyle when it comes to fitness. Whatever the reason be for the laziness, below listed points will be every lazy girl’s guide to fitness.

lazy girl’s guide to fitnessBe Regular with Food

Dieting or skipping meals is no way to get fit if you are too lazy to do anything else for the cause. Every meal of the day is very important so skip no meals. One must eat every 2 to 3 hours to keep fit. Time lag between meals can push body into starvation mode where it will store more fat and will make you unhealthy. It will also lead to problems like acid reflux etc. So make sure to eat something every few hours.

Portion Control

This is one of the ways that you can tweak your eating habits into becoming more fit and slender. Portion controls basically means controlling the amount you eat in every meal. It in no way means to skip meals, all you got to do is eat a little less than what makes you feel full.

Bed Bicep Curls

Everyone must have heard of bed tea-a lazy individual’s beginning to the day. Well here’s an idea that can add more to the lazy mornings- bed bicep curls. No research yet supports the idea that standing up or sitting down while doing bicep curls is necessary but all that you need is to keep your back straight, shoulders align and you are ready to do bicep curls in bed. This is just one example there are plenty more such modes to exercise for all the lazy bums out there.

Steps/ Walk/ Fidget

For all those who are too lazy to go out to gyms and parks etc for work outs, try and make your daily routines a little more active. So take the stairs to your apartment or office instead of the lift; or walk to the grocery store in the evening instead of taking a cab. Making these few little changes will help you stay fit while not having to make major changes to your busy and lazy lifestyle.

Sit Straight and Stand up

At the office or at home do not slouch when sitting down or even when standing. Standing up straight will not only just correct your posture (which is a must and good) will also burn few extra calories. Switch lying down to sitting everywhere and every time possible. Records and tests prove that even sitting will burn extra calories per year and will again give you a fit body and posture.