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bodybuilding supplements myths and facts

Bodybuilding Supplements – Myths and Facts

The body building supplements have gained immense popularity amongst most of the people, though in the recent scenario some sections also have various misconceptions regarding the effects as well as the usage of bodybuilding supplements. Differentiating the truth and the myth in this context can be little difficult as many most of the opinions are […]

body building dos and donts

Learn about the Body Building Dos and Donts

To stay healthy and fit you should embrace exercise in your daily agenda. Depending on your purpose of exercising; you should decide the kind of exercise that should be done. If your target is to build up your body muscles then the first step would be to gather proper knowledge on this subject. You need […]

kettlebell mistakes to avoid

Most Common Kettlebell Mistakes To Avoid

The kettlebell is a steel weight made of cast-iron that is used to do ballistic exercises for developing cardiovascular muscles, overall strength and flexibility of the body. Kettlebells when used in the correct way help to increase and develop muscles and at the same time they also helps us to shed weight. However, exercising with […]

ways to improve bench press

Workout Smartly to Improve Your Bench Press Tech Today!

Bench press is an upper body exercise designed to work on the pectoralis major muscle as well as its supporting muscles. It is extensively used in weight training, bodybuilding and in working on chest. To perform this exercise, you need to lie on your back, take up a weight to chest level and raise it […]

Get A Jaw Dropping Body In Lesser Time

Get a Jaw Dropping Body in Lesser Time

Does it seem to you that you are putting a lot of time in the gym but not getting the results you would like to see? Does it feel that all the hours you spent have gone to waste without much improvement in the size of your arms? Well, welcome to the club as you […]


Natural Protein Foods for Muscle Building

The importance of protein in a diet is understood very well by men who focus their attention on building muscles. The amino acids in protein help to repair the muscle fibres which get damaged due to heavy physical activity. Protein provides our body with amino acids which are the basic building blocks of our body. Therefore, the crux […]

How to Get Bigger Arms (infographic)

How to Get Bigger Arms (infographic)

Every man dreams of having a perfectly fit and well built body. It is one of the aims of every man to have big and strong arms. Stronger arms bring a sense of confidence in a man and also make them feel better. Following a good and rigorous exercise routine along with following a nutritious and healthy diet can […]

How to Get Bigger Chest (Infographic)

How to Get Bigger Chest (Infographic)

If you wish to have big chest then following article will prove to be of great help to you. In order to have bigger chest you should do bench press exercise including barbell or dumbbell bench press and push ups. Weighted dips or bench dips also helps to have massive chest. Exercises like Pec Flyes, […]


Side Effects of Bodybuilding Supplements

The bodybuilders often take serious measures to enhance their performance, but they should also think about the side effects of bodybuilding supplements. Bodybuilders often take creatine, diuretics and steroids without knowing about the risks and possible side effects. Steroids In order to increase their muscle strength and muscle mass, it is common for bodybuilders to take […]


What Is The Best Way To Build Muscle Fast

Building muscles fast is a technique that following muscle magazines will not teach you. The best way to build muscle fast is not by reading fitness magazines. An average person needs a different approach towards strength training and muscle building. Here are 8 tips that will help you build muscles fast. 1. Gain strength Strength […]