How Beyonce Lost Her Baby Weight

Beyonce is all over the magazine covers, doing photo-ops and the like these days. Just a year ago, the leading singer had gained 60 pounds post her baby’s arrival?

Exactly how she lost all this baby weight is a question that the lady answers in her own words. Here is a complete breakup of the fitness routine that Beyonce followed to lose post baby weight.


Diet & Nutrition


Beyonce confesses that on purpose she scheduled a performance just 3 months after delivering her baby. As a result she had to rush to a low calorie diet.

This diet consisted of healthy substitutes to her favorite foods and she kept away from red meat and rice; instead she replaced them with fish and quinoa which are also her favorites but very low on fat and carbohydrates. However, she left some room for indulgence as well.

She countered extreme restrictions with smart indulgences. Her favorite treat was breakfast consisting of scrambled eggs, whole grain cereal and a vegetable smoothie. For lunch and dinner she chose fish and veggies and consumed a lot of water throughout the day.


Sundays are her off days when she skips her diet routine and indulges in her favorite foods including her all time favorite pizza.

Workout and Fitness Routine

Dance is something that comes naturally to Beyonce. She loves it and hence chooses dance routines as a part of her weight loss program.

Apart from that there is also a lot of exercise ball, crunches and running that she does to complete 90 minute sessions every day of the week. Here is the breakup of her fitness regime everyday:

  • 100 squats, 100 lunges and 100 step-ups
  • A 2.5 mile run
  • Circuit training and weight training with 5 pound and 3 pound weights to tone up biceps
  • Alternates walking and cycling as part of her cardio fitness

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