Kristen’s Fitness Plan To Win Rob Back

Here is a new take on the Kristen-Robert reunion. This time around it is the fitness angle to the affair.

Well, this not what we are saying. Kristen Stewart has confessed to it herself.

One of her secrets to winning back Robert’s love was by following a strict fitness regime throughout the break up.

Kristen’s Fitness Plan To Win Rob Back

Gym and yoga

This star is a hard core gym enthusiast as well as a fan of Bikram yoga. She is keeping her body and mind fit in order to balance the effect of the relationship troubles she has been having in the recent months.

This new fitness plan that Kristen is following is definitely doing wonders to her skin. As it goes, body influences the mind which in turn gives back to the body itself.

Healthy habits

Not only has she taken to the gym, she has also switched to healthy habits by quitting smoking. Apparently, she has not touched alcohol since July, ever since the break up happened. The result is – Robert cannot stop raving about her.

He is very appreciative of her amazing looks and the glow on her already beautiful face. Kristen definitely deserves accolades for this step of hers because instead of moping over spilt milk, she has taken positive and healthier steps to win her love back. Way to go Kristen! You have set a new benchmark for all those adolescents out there who ape the stars.

Kristen firmly believes that sweating it out not only gets the toxins out of your body, but also cleanses your system of stress and lifting you out of depression.

Meanwhile, grape vine says that though Kristen and Robert have announced their reconciliation, Robert is still not too sure about Kristen. He has issues dealing with trustworthiness. He wonders about her relationship with Rupert Sanders and worries if she still has something to do with him. But looks like Kristen’s strong efforts will woo back Robert to her camp again.