6 Of Your Favorite Things That Are Secretly Making You Fat

Obesity is rampant. The devastating cocktail of fast food and sedentary lifestyle has made the western world look like a visit to the Hutt palace.

But this article isn’t about junk food. You know you shouldn’t crumble a bag of Oreos over your breakfast nachos.

These are six seemingly innocent things that fly under the radar, and crash land right on your ass.

6. Your Caffeine Addiction:

Addiction” might be a tad dramatic seeing as how there isn’t actually any hard evidence that caffeine is addictive, but we’re willing to stake our reputation as Internet doctors that pretty much everybody reading this has had a liquid stimulant today.

There are casual and hard-core caffeine users, but both can find themselves getting fatter by the day.

The casual drinkers disguise their stimulant in layers of crushed ice and whipped cream. This gets to be a problem when drinks like Starbucks’ famous Frappuccino have around 500 calories per cup.

Even worse, the human brain has a logical disconnect when it comes to liquid calories. That is to say, it doesn’t acknowledge them at all.

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