Cocoa Milk is the Top Post Workout Drink

The history of the cocoa cultivation began in Central America. The Aztecs knew the plant from the 14th century when it was sacred to them.

cocoa milkThen they looked at the Cocoa as a gift from Gods, that’s why the cocoa was much appreciated.

The grains derived from its fruit were used not only for ritual donations, but also for treats.

Cocoa is one of the most favorite substances nowadays, for it is tasty and is now a symbol of good food.

Recently there was a research that will please any fitness lover.

The researchers found out that one of the favorite drinks of children – Cocoa milk is one of the best and the fastest recovery drink after workouts.

The experts reached to that conclusion after having made a series of four studies. During them, they found that cocoa milk restores and strengthens the muscles much more efficiently than the drinks specially created for this purpose like energy drinks containing carbohydrates.

If the drink is made from skimmed milk, it can even help the body to cope better for the next workout or race. Experts say cocoa contains the most exact proportion of carbohydrates and protein needed to recharge weary muscles.

The milk also rehydrates dehydrated body and delivers the required amount of calcium, magnesium and potassium, which are separated along with perspiration during workouts and competitions.

The cocoa has more calories than tea or coffee, but its consumption does not lead to weight gain. The consumption of cocoa induces satiety. The cocoa beans contain very useful substances – flavonoids, which are able to significantly improve blood circulation in the brain. That’s why it is said that the cocoa milk is able to help you to reduce high blood pressure. Another of its advantages is that the cocoa milk is helping people with depression and stress.