Diet And Exercise That Suits The Body Type

You are planning to stay fit and healthy with diet and exercise program.

Before starting diet and exercise program, you should be alert and decide which exercises suits your body and which diet is helpful for your body.

When considering exercises, hormones play an important role.

To maintain chemical levels in the blood stream, hormones carry messages from glands to cells. Glands manufacture hormones which circulate freely in the blood stream waiting to be recognized by the target

Hormones decide on the person’s feelings, thoughts and how a person develops.

Our body is made up of cells, nuclei, nerve endings which are a group of chemicals produced in brain cells, glands and various other organs. They influence number of functionalities within the body.

Hormones producing these type of chemicals raise or drop the aging process. The hormones affect person’s memory, digestive system, height and blood pressure directly or indirectly.

Basically all people fall into three body types: Ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph. According to the body type, decide the type of diet and exercise you have to follow.

Ectomorph body type diet and exercise:

Ectomorph body type has high volumes of mass with lower body fat and is naturally lean. They can burn the calories quickly. They have difficulty in gaining weight. They require more fatty foods to maintain a level of weight. They should include more intake of calories.

Ectomorph type bodies require heavy weight lifts with increasing repetitions after the body adjusts. They should concentrate on strength training rather than cardiovascular exercises.

They should focus on diet which creates more lean muscle weight. To increase the weight, they should not indulge in fatty foods. It will increase the risk of blood pressure and heart attack. Ectomorph type should focus on eating more number of times a day. They should include nutritious food with proteins, carbohydrates and fats. High amount of protein may help in building lean muscle.

Endomorph body type diet and exercise:

Endomorph body type has larger bones, larger bottom part with more fat in thighs and calves, and a large mid section. These body types hold on the weight easier than other body types. They should maintain weight. They should include low intense exercises combined with high endurance exercises for burning fat and increasing metabolism.

These types of bodies require oxygen which must flow smoothly to increase our health and maintain your weight. They should increase the volume and intensity of exercises once they are habituated. They should consume low calorie food and cut down the intake of calories. They should eat lean proteins, fruits, vegetables and limit the intake of sugars, processed foods and fats.

Mesomorph body type diet and exercise:

Mesomorph types are of body building types. They can easily workout high intense weight lifting with moderate aerobics. They have large bones and thicker skin. They are naturally lean with adequate lean muscle to fat ratios. They should follow the diet which includes low fat foods with advanced calorie intake.

The diet includes plenty of whole foods, fruits, whole grains and vegetables. They can burn the calories efficiently when they consume higher volumes of calories. They should include plenty of exercises in their daily routine to maintain their shape.

One thing you should remember that whatever your body type, you have to maintain healthy diet and exercise to keep yourself fit and healthy.