Foods That Counteract Detox

Water, juice cleanses, herbal laxatives, probiotic supplements and a generally healthy lifestyle will go a long way towards detoxifying your body.

But despite your greatest efforts, many common foods can completely reverse your hardest efforts. Here they are.

White Sugar

White Refined Sugar has no nutritional value at all. Sugar will also adversely affect your body’s blood sugar levels, which forces the pancreas to produce insulin. This insulin causes an increase in tryptophan, which is used to manufacture serotonin.

These serotonin level imbalances can affect you for the rest of your life. Of course, you can cut all white sugar out of your diet and allow your body to naturally rebalance itself.

White Flour

Noticed how white bread easily sticks to the roof of your mouth? White flour has the same properties in your intestines as it does in your mouth.

Getting white flour stuck in your intestines could possibly cause clogging, which would make your intestines even less effective in absorbing nutrients and releasing wastes.

White flour also lacks fiber, which is necessary for proper digestion[Fiber diet]. Why eat white flour anyway? White flour is completely devoid of any nutritional benefits at all.

Soft Drinks

Soft drinks dehydrate your body, and water is essential to cleansing your body, and provides no nutrients. Soft drinks are also very acidic, which is very favorable for harmful bacteria. Soft drinks are hard on the kidneys and the fizz in soft drinks can actually burn your intestines.

Soft drinks also contribute to high blood pressure. Why drink soft drinks at all? Soft drinks, at their best, are very damaging carbonated water with no nutritional benefits at all.

Also, there have been many cases of diseases being spread through soft drink cans as a result of poor storage.

Red Meat

As described above, all meats are bad for you. But red meats are absolutely horrible on your digestive system. These meats also have the highest cancer risk of all meats.

Dairy Products

Dairy products are mostly not meant to be digested by your intestines. Because of this, dairy products frequently get stuck in your intestines and fail to absorb well. Dairy products help create mucous in your body, which clogs your ears and nose.

Dairy products also cause gallbladder and kidney stones, as well as diarrhea and cramps. Most horribly, dairy products can cause cancer in the reproductive organs. Seriously, drinking the milk of another animal makes no sense in any form.


You might already know the harmful effects of alcohol, but it doesn’t hurt to list these effects one more time. Alcohol causes alcohol poisoning, which can kill you. Alcohol is very destructive to the digestive system, especially the liver.

Alcohol damages the brain and the reproductive organs. Alcohol also causes heart and blood disorders. Worst of all, alcohol can destroy your liver. If your body is already suffering from toxemia, the last thing you want to do is destroy one of the two organs that play the largest role in detoxifying your body.