High Protein Diet With Less Carbohydrates Will Help To Reduce Your Over Weight!

You will be practicing various methods to lose your extra weight. The carbohydrates present in your food will help to increase your weight.

So, in order to avoid weight gaining by your body, you should prefer to take the food which has low carbohydrate rate in it.

Dieting is the process in which you will be controlling your weight through your food (Healthy Dieting).

In this method, you have to follow some terms and conditions to eat the correct food in correct time.

You should not starve for food in the dieting process. You should take the necessary proteins and vitamins required for your body.High Protein Diet

High protein diet is one type of dieting method in which you have to follow protein diet menu, which contains more number of proteins and less number of carbohydrates in it.

You should not completely avoid taking of carbohydrates in your food. This will lead to some health problems because your body requires some amount of carbohydrates to perform some tasks.

The foods which contain high protein diet are:

There are different food sources for high protein diet such as fish, meat, egg, poultry, soy, legumes, seeds, dairy products and nuts. You should consume these foods according to the diet sheet. The high consumption of these foods can lead to gain more weight.

The high consumption of animal based proteins which are high in saturated fats can lead to some liver problems and raised cholesterol levels in you. So, you should consume these foods according to the diet sheet.

The basic principle in protein diet menu is to take less food more number of times instead of taking heavy meals at a time. You should make note of this principle in your mind before starting your high protein diet process.

The protein diet menu is as follows:

Break fast time: You should take ½ cup unsweetened juice, 2 eggs or 2 oz of meat, 1 bread slice and ½ cup milk.

Morning snack time: You should take ½ cup milk, 2 oz cheese and any 3 crackers.

Lunch time: You should take ½ cup non starch vegetables by making them as salad, 4 oz meat and ¼ cup of starch vegetables like potatoes, corn, rice etc.

Afternoon snack time: You should take ½ cup milk, 3 oz meat and 1 piece of fresh fruit.

Supper time: you should take ½ cup non starch vegetables, 4 oz of meat and 1 piece of unsweetened fruit.

Bed time: you should take ½ cup milk and ¾ cup of cottage cheese.

This is the perfect protein diet menu. If you follow this diet regularly then you can observe the results of weight loss.

Other than this you should also perform some weight loss exercises at the morning time in order to be fit and these exercises will help you to obtain the results of weight loss more quickly.