Top 5 Interesting Body Hacks to Know About

Our body is the most amazing machines in the world. The number of functions it performs each day and the many things that it is capable of doing are just astonishing. Scientists are discovering new thing about the human body every single day. It is very interesting to know that there are many body hacks which can make our lives easier.

These hacks are nothing but things we probably didn’t know about the various body parts and on knowing which, we can makes tasks simpler. The following are the top most interesting body hacks to know about.

interesting body hacks

1. Treat the Itch in your Throat by Scratching your Ear

Do you feel this certain itch in your throat on some days and don’t know how to get rid of it? Well, all you need to do to treat it is to scratch your ear! Yes, when the nerves in our ears are stimulated, they may lead to reflex in the throat which causes an itch. This happens because our ears, nose and throat are all connected with one another.

2. Use your Right Ear When you have Trouble Hearing Someone in Crowd

If you are attending a party and have trouble hearing someone over all the noise, then use your right ear.  This is so because our right ear is better at picking up rapid speech while our left ear is better at picking up musical notes and tones.

3. Cough When Getting an Injection

If you are scared of injections and wish to minimize the pain felt, then it is a good idea to cough when the injection is given.  Studies have shown that those who coughed during intravenous injections experience less pain than others.  What happens is that coughing causes a sudden yet temporary rise in the chest pressure which in turn inhibits the pain-inducing work of the spinal cord, thus resulting in lesser amount of pain felt.

4. Relieving Stuffed Nose Through this Body Hack

If you wish to find relief from stuffed nose or from a sinus pressure then you can make use of this wonderful body hack.  What you can do is that you can push your tongue against the roof inside the mouth and then press a finger in between your eyebrows.  What this does is that it causes the vomer bone to rock which then loosens the congestion and clears up the nasal passage.  It takes only 20 minutes for the sinus to drain.

5. Body Hack for Acid Reflux

If you are experiencing a full stomach or acid reflux and wish to find relief from it then one thing that you can try is to lie on your left side.  This helps to keep your stomach lower than your esophagus which in turn will prevent the acid in the stomach from sliding up your throat. Infact, studies have shown that people who sleep on their left sides tend to experience less incidences of acid reflux.