Top 10 List Of Healthy Foods With Protein

Proteins are the building blocks of our body.  They are important for both growth and maintenance of the body. Here is a list of healthy foods with protein in them.

List Of Healthy Foods With Protein


Though all types of cheese contain protein, Parmesan cheese tops the list with the maximum protein density of 41.6 g for a serving of 100 g. Even among this, the low sodium variety is best. Other cheese varieties that follow Parmesan are: Mozzarella, Swiss and Romano that provide up to 30 g per 100 g. Cheese spreads contain the least protein in them.


Soy beans and other legumes provide a high quantity of protein among the vegetarian foods. Soy tops the chart with almost 40 g protein per 100 g serving. Lupin beans give 16 g per 100 g serving.


Veal of beef is the healthy source of protein. It has lean cuts and so mostly comprised of protein and no fat. Every 100 g of this serving provides 36 grams of protein.

4.Roasted seeds

Pumpkin, watermelon and squash seeds are high in protein. One can expect to get around 33 g of protein form a 100 g of serving from these seeds. The roasted form of these seeds not only makes for excellent snacks but is also fat free.

5.Lean meat

Chicken, pork loin and chops form lean meat that provides fat free protein to the tune of 30 g for every 100 g of the serving.


Anchovies, Salmon and Tuna are the best sources of proteins among fish. They provide protein in the range of 29 g to 25 g for every 100 g.

7.Fish eggs

Caviar and Roe are eggs of the fish that are normally used in garnishing dishes. They are excellent sources of proteins containing 30% protein in them.

8.Yeast spread

Also known as marmite, yeast spreads are very popular in the European countries. In addition to being a rich source of protein it also contains vitamin B12 in it. Yeast tops the vegan’s list of healthy foods with protein.

9.Sea food

Lobsters and crabs are another good source of protein in the sea food category. Protein content amounts to 25% of its total content.

10.Lentils, nuts and pulses

While nuts such as peanuts and almonds provide about 27 g to 40 g of protein for every 100 g, lentils and pulses have lesser amounts in the range of 10 g per 100 g of the pulse consumed.

Depending on whether you are a vegetarian or a meat eater, you can choose from the category that suits your taste and practice. The options are wide, but it is for you to make the right choice for your health by choosing from this list of healthy foods with protein.