Probiotic Yoghurts to Help You Lose Weight

Food scientists have developed friendly bacteria that can be added to yoghurt, which can help one lose excess body fat, according to recent reports.

yogurtBacteria occurs naturally in live yoghurts as well as the human gut, and now researchers are saying that it is possible to modify the bacteria in a way that it produces a molecule that helps reduce the amount of fat tissue in the body.

Researchers are of the view that the diet-microbe-host interactions in the gut can determine the amount of fat one carries, and so are hopeful that they will be able to help reduce obesity and improve using this modified bacteria which is added to yoghurt.

The researchers hope to be able to do this by inserting a gene of another bacteria called Propionibacterium acnes, that produces polyunsaturated fatty acid called t10, c12 Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) into the naturally occurring Lactobacillus bacteria, which helps in digestion of food.

Researchers conducted tests on mice using the modified bacterium strain, and found that there were very significant variations found to be present in body fat percentages.

In recent times it has also been seen that t10, c12 CLA can help to shrink the size of fat cells to help reduce excess body bulk.