The Lowdown On Some Popular Celeb Diets – Part 2

celeb dietsThe sight of slim, attractive celebrities with perfect figures, skin and bodies often seduce us into trying new and attractive sounding diets that are endorsed by them. Yet, how effective are they? Look at some more of these popular celebrity endorsed diets

The 30 % Fat Diet promoted by Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross. According to experts this diet may actually work quite well since when you lower fat consumption, you significantly lower the number of calories consumed.

It is however important not to cut out essential vitamins A, K and D, and essential fatty acids along with the fats.

The Atkins 2 Diet advocated by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. This revised Atkins diet, which allows at least some healthy carbs, is somewhat better than the original Atkins diet, say experts. However, cutting out food groups is never advisable since it can cause ingestion, constipation, bad breath and so on.

The Dukan Diet, choice of J Lo and Katherine Jenkins. This diet again restricts carbs intake and increases protein intake.

Protein will make you feel fuller and make you eat less, but this is not good since it may mean inadequate amounts of fluid which can pressure the kidneys according to experts. The phases of this diet are confusing and for regular people, who don’t have a personal chef and nutritionist at their beck and call, may be difficult to follow.