6 Tips on How to Avoid Falling into the Dangerous Trap of Crash Diet

Crash diet refers to the practice where an individual consumes food under strict restrictions and follows a diet chart with a goal of losing certain amount of weight. People all around the world take up different sort of dieting practices to lose those extra pounds, but not many of them are careful in knowing that crash dieting is not all good. It is in fact mostly bad.

Most experts agree that crash diets are not at all an efficient way of ditching the pounds and that the crash diet traps must be avoided. This is because most crash diets radically restrict the amount of daily calorie intake and also make the individual miss out on many important food groups.

For all those who find difficulty keeping the crash diets at bay here are a few points and tips that will help you avoid chances of falling into the dangerous trap of crash diets.

dangerous trap of crash diet1. Set a Goal and Plan

The best way to avoid something is to have an alternate plan/ item ready in its place. So first of all, set yourself the goal i.e. the amount you want to lose and a sensible/ standard time period within which you want to achieve the target.

2. Let’s Start Small

Crash diets make big promises and makes equally big restrictions. So make it a point to start small because small changes make the process a whole lot easier and the impact is also lasting. So make small changes to your eating and exercising habits as explained in the points that follow.

3. Exercise

Develop or plan an exercising regime for yourself. Make sure that the plan suits all your needs. Choose the mode of exercising that you can keep up with and is also such that it keeps you engrossed. Try and make the exercise routine fun and exciting with things like nice music etc. Getting in an exercise session every time your nerves bend with weight issues is sure to calm you down and walk you down the path of successful weight loss.

4. Food

Besides the right exercise, eating the food that is satisfying will keep you calm while also helping you progress towards your goal. Make a point to never starve instead eat at regular intervals. Most experts prescribe that one should eat regular intervals of 21/2 hrs to 3 hrs. Keep this in mind before the next time you are leaning towards a crash diet. You can also plan your meals ahead in the day to eliminate any sort of anxiety over your eating habits. So plan healthy for a healthy day and life.

5. Keep Busy

One way to get the mind off of the crash diet routine and to eliminate the temptation of going on one is to keep busy. For example you can activate your social life by joining exciting hobby classes etc. so that you stay diverted and also satisfied with the way you spend your time.

6. Cut Back on Stress

Stress is one of the biggest enemies of healthy living, so try and eliminate stress from your life and daily activities.