Weight Loss on a Busy Schedule

You want to lose weight but you are not getting time to exercise?

You may be busy with work at office, at home and with other outside responsibilities. You cannot find 45 minutes to 60 minutes time in your busy schedule at a stretch.

You can include exercise workouts in your busy schedule if you change your lifestyle.

Before starting your workout, you decide how much weight you want to lose. Based on the amount of weight loss, you plan your exercise and diet.

Many people start with intense exercise for weight loss. But after few days, they neglect doing it as they feel bored, tired and exhausted due to the intense and routine workout.diet

You have to plan in such a way that you should not feel bored or tired by working out. Include different types of exercises in your daily routine which you are interested and can be done on a busy schedule.

If you are planning for weight loss, you should have lot of patience as you cannot achieve your goal overnight. Based on your weight, it may take at least six months for the result.

To start your exercise program, you need minimum 45 minutes to 60 minutes workout. But you cannot spend 45 to 60 minutes time at a stretch. Instead you split the 60 minutes workout into six intense and small sessions of each ten minutes. Now you can workout ten minutes at your office also.

Park your vehicle away from the entrance in the parking lot. In this way you are spending five minutes walk without your knowledge. Take stairs instead of elevator at your work place. This is a form of exercise.

You can workout at your own desk at office. You can do stretching exercises at your desk. These stretching exercises relax you and help you in losing weight. You can perform these exercises by sitting on the chair and by standing also.

You can keep a yoga mat at your office. Whenever you feel tired of your work, you can do yoga exercises which gives relaxation and strength. In some companies, exercise equipment will be available. If your office contains the exercise equipment, you can take ten minute break and workout there.

Instead of using phones and emails to send any information to your colleagues, you can walk to their desk to give the information. You keep alarm for every two hours in your computer so that you don’t forget to workout.

You can also keep hand weights and resistance bands at your desk. Different types of resistance bands are available. In the same way, hand weights with different weights are available. You can workout with resistance bands and hand weights at your desk only.

Take ten minute break and walkout in the parking place. You can also do this in the lunch break or coffee break.

You can do some aerobic exercises at home. You can just use a bicycle to purchase any grocery. You can play with your kids. You can do gardening. If you have swimming pool, you can spend five to ten minutes swimming.

Apart from following these simple things, you have to watch your diet. Diet is equally important along with exercise for weight loss.

You may eat fatty foods at your work place with your colleagues. You should not eat fatty foods such as cheese burger, fast foods, milkshakes, or fries.

You should avoid saturated foods and stick to the nutritious diet. Include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet.

If you follow the diet and does not exercise, then also you cannot see the result. So weight loss can be achieved by following healthy diet and regular exercise.