When Sport May Be Bad for You

Yes you read that right; sometimes sport is bad for you – when it is as a spectator rather than as a participant! Those marvelous fun evenings of male bonding over the Super Bowl game tends to involve rather more than just good old football and rooting for your fave team. Alas it tends to also feature pizzas, chicken wings and large quantities of beer!

eating while watchingIt is these extra calories that are consumed while watching the match; that one needs to be mindful about.

Molly Napolitano, Senior Health and Fitness Expert for Global Fit, warns against not working off all the extra calories so consumed. Consider the number of calories that the common food villains contain and also how long it will take to work them off-

  • You can burn off the equivalent of just one slice of cheese pizza with three thousand steps
  • Just one buffalo wing with a blue cheese dip can be worked off if you take 2,750 steps
  • And that ‘lite’ beer, well that is worth about a thousand and two hundred steps

This is mindless eating and most tend not to realize how many actual calories they have managed to consume in such a short time! What people also don’t realize is that a lot of work is required to work off the extra calories.

So the next time you settle down for the game, make smarter food choices – look for high fiber, volume and water content – go for the soups, stews, veggies and fruit instead of the chips, pizzas and fried chicken.