Crushing The Myth Of Ineffective Fitness

Many of us promise at a certain point in life to get back into shape and start a new and efficient fitness routine. Many of us promise to do this at least once a month if not once a week.

How many of us succeed to actually do that remains the real question that usually accompanies the other question haunting the mind of everyone: Why I cannot stick to my fitness program?

Let’s see what exactly happens with us when we finally make up our minds and go for that dream fitness routine we always promise to approach.

First we tend to get along with our usual self and state of mind and convince ourselves that only if our diet is accompanied by a fitness routine or a daily workout we can actually lose weight and look perfect.

Said and done we join the gym or buy fitness DVDs, motivate our friends to join us and we embark in the adventure.

First week we stick to the diet, go to the gym as planned and of course we follow every rule including the one that advise us not to get near the scale until the program is complete.

Second week the diet continues with little steps off the “path” but not very severe, the walk to the gym or the fitness sessions continue and the scale remains in its place.

When the third week comes, the body craves both food and relaxation but it has developed a routine. The only problem is that routine, for all of us has an important enemy – our need of a comfort zone.

In conclusion our cravings become all of the sudden more realistic, it is becoming harder and harder to keep ourselves motivated and exactly this time decides whether our fitness program will be successful or not.

I saw my friends going through this routine so many times that there are moments in which I wonder how they find the courage to do it all over again.

It is common sense to understand that our body has a very powerful self preservation instinct. The harder we try to shake of our weight, the harder it tries to hang on to it. This leads to the logical conclusion that putting our body through both diet and fitness is like putting it through rehab.

Perhaps the comparison is too harsh but the fitness routine works exactly like the Chinese drop. It will not generate immediate result; it will not exhaust the body and will for certain be effective provided we stick by it.

When planning to lose a considerable amount of weight it is a bad idea to start running. The heart cannot bear the effort all of the sudden, you will get tired very quick and giving up comes as a deliverance from torment.

The fitness program should start with stretching, continue with balance and flexibility exercises and only after that encourage the cardio.

The stretching exercises like Pilates are preparing an untrained body for the right steps of getting into shape.

A dancing routine like Zumba fitness is in the same category allowing all the muscle to work but not creating the huge pressure that running exercises over the body.

Aerobic dancing, belly dancing and pole dancing come next as a difficulty rate and after mastering these types of movement a person can say that it is time for cardio.

Cardio routines are hard to follow, they are drastic, smartly designed to shape up the body but need determination and time to be mastered. So you need to keep that in mind before you join one.

Looking closer we can see that it is not the fitness fault we do not lose weight. The secret is choosing smartly and sticking by our choices.