Keep Walking Towards Perfect Figure

There is a common saying that states something like: “Walking gives a woman beautiful legs”.

The grandfather of jogging, the good old walk, is the easiest way to get into shape.

I know for myself that in this modern and busy society we lack the time and sometimes the energy to walk home from work.

We either take a cab or drive our own car, always in a hurry to get things done in time.

It seems the time we have is insufficient for our daily program and walking for fitness seems something out of the question.walking

Have you ever seen an overweight dog walker? Well I didn’t and I looked pretty hard, believe me. All dog walkers are slim, and fit like photo models, and their legs and abs are looking like they spend their whole day in a gym.

One of my friend’s daughters told me the other day that it was pretty fun to get some cash while exercising. She was referring to the dog walking job of course.

I thought for a second about this statement of hers and I pretty much there and then saw she was right.

We are passing this people in the street every day. They are mostly students, or young people looking to get and extra buck watching over other people’s pets.

They are always in a good mood, ready to smile at you. They move easily and look like they don’t have a worry in the world.

dog walkerRelax…I’m not saying we should quit our jobs and become dog walkers. It’s just that walking the dog is good exercise.

Well …now you will ask, what happens if you don’t have a dog, or simply like me, you don’t want to put these kids out of business. The answer is very simple.

We can all enjoy an evening walk. Just take out your family for an ice cream and walk to the shop instead of driving.

Of course if you prefer you may take your friends for a walk in the mall. Hunting for sales on foot is quite a good exercise. That is why after shopping for a day we need a kind of moment to catch our breath.

If the shopping sounds an expensive solution for getting fit, you can always choose a park, or walking to church, or simply take your half for a walk like when you were young.

If you’re thinking you don’t have the time, you are thinking wrong. We don’t need a 48h day to have the time to walk. We just need the will to do it.

Walking improves breathing, the muscle activity, and the way that our heart works and even improves our blood pressure. There is no wonder that when we are angry we are told to “walk it off”.

So don’t forget your comfortable shoes and start walking. You will feel the results in no time.