Tae Bo – Revolutionary Workout Program

A few years ago I saw Billy Blanks teaching a class at a club in New Jersey.

Then he was doing the instructional workout and was explaining the process so carefully and so much into details that I got convinced in a second to get into the Tae Bo workout program.

So said and done, I bought one of Billy’s video cassettes and started following the routine. My habit of getting up in the morning and going for a jog with two of my girlfriends was quite difficult to follow especially because our kids, mine and theirs used to wake up quite differently.Tae Bo

After buying the cassette we used to gather all three of us in our living rooms and exercise following the routine.

You can imagine that after giving birth to two children it was pretty hard for me to get into shape so I was pretty much motivated to go on.

During the years that followed we bought by turns from Amazon or from shops, Billy’s releases for this routine and now we have a subscription at a local Tae Bo gym that follows the same principles.

Now let me elaborate on the reason for which I chose Tae Bo workout.

First reason will be…Billy.

He has a positive attitude a very nice approach, describes every move and explains what muscles are working with it. Also is one of the few workout trainers that motivate you without pushing beyond your limits.

Until him, I never heard any trainer saying:” If you get tired, breath, take your time and then come back and master this exercise”

The “take your time” part was what puzzled me. If he would have told us to push, to force ourselves, to set a target far beyond our reach, well…he wouldn’t have had me as a fan for so many years.

The second reason is that since I started Tae Bo I quit smoking, I became a lot more confident in my forces, my mood improved as I was breathing easier and I saw myself almost getting back to the figure I had before the children were born.

Maybe there are people who like being on a diet. For me diets are impossible, they get on my nerves especially because every time I started one I never lost weight spectacularly fast so I could believe in it.

If a person should ask what have I and my friends got from Tae Bo workout, other than sweat and back pain, I will tell them this.

I am a Tae Bo fan because it makes me feel good about myself, my time spent doing the exercise, and most of all, my way of looking over the world of fitness.

It’s really nice to see people smiling while exercising and even more to see them get results and be content with themselves. It just takes a bit of will and discipline and a person’s life can be different.