The Perfect Fitness Routine Should Be At Home Or In A Gym

Every January comes and goes and I always make the same resolution as so many others do.

I am going to start working a workout routine, and of course I never do.

The drive to want to get into a workout routine lasts for a couple of weeks, a month at the most, and then quickly gets kicked under the bed. Literally.

That’s where I store my Ab Roller. Getting into a routine seems very hard with all of the other hustle and bustle throughout the day.Ab Roller

This time is different. I am going to be thirty, and have finally come to a point in my life where I know I need and want to be healthy. I have finally made up mind. I am going to start working out and that’s it.

I know that in order to stay on my routine this time, I really need something that is going to motivate me. I own just about every workout DVD out there from Pilates and Yoga to the Biggest Loser DVD.

I thought for sure that was going to motivate me. I mean you see how they are such drill instructors on the show.

How can’t that be motivating? Well, apparently it’s not as intimidating when they’re on your TV and not in your living room.

I own a stationary bike that has now turned into a clothes rack in my bedroom. I feel like nothing at my home motivates me to want to get busy, and workout. It’s just too comfortable of a setting for me.

I have tried working out at a gym. It was hard for me to finally get the courage to even go. It’s like you almost need to workout and get into shape before you can utilize a gym.

I don’t feel comfortable on a treadmill[treadmill exercise] or elliptical while I’m sweating and panting like I am going to die in front of numerous already in shape people who are staring at me.

It’s hard to keep yourself motivated when you feel like you are being watched like an exhibit at the zoo.

treadmillI know that a personal trainer would be able to motivate me, but there is no way that I can afford one.

Their rates are pretty hefty. As well they should be. They help change and save peoples’ lives by getting them into shape and healthy.

So since I decided that I can’t workout in a dark room by myself, I need to come up with my own motivation. This is what I came up with.

I set up my exercise equipment in one room in my home. I made it my personal room. I painted it a nice vibrant pink color to help keep me in a bright happy mood.

On the front of my treadmill I have taped a current picture of myself. This way I can look down and see why I need to stay motivated and keep going. On the wall in my new workout room, I have also hung a beautiful little black dress that I have bought to wear for Christmas this year.

These three things have kept me going like you wouldn’t believe. After doing this for the last few weeks, I have also built up the courage to start frequenting my gym as well.

I feel that after building my own self motivation up at home, it helped me to overlook what I thought other people may be saying or looking at. Now I simply don’t care. I’m not looking to win a popularity contest. My goal is to be healthy and in shape.