3 Weightless Exercises For Complete Body Fitness

Do you think practicing regular exercises essentially needs gym equipment?

Weight lifting is not the only way of exercising that keeps you fit and healthy.

There are many weightless ways that you can incorporate in your daily life to stay fit and healthy. Some of these include:

  1. Pilates
  2. In Pilates you will use both your mind and body to perform controlled body movements and applying dynamic tension. You can concentrate on your core muscles, lower back and also on glutes. It will significantly improve your body flexibility and encourages good body-mind co-ordination.

  3. Yoga
  4. Yoga is a wonderful fitness tool that comes with various physical and mental health benefits. By performing yoga poses, you can develop a well-toned body, good body flexibility and strength. The focused breathing process of practicing yoga significantly dissolves any anxiety, stress and depression.

  5. Tai chi
  6. Tai chi is a form of soft martial art that involves slow controlled body movements associated with good breathing techniques. People of all ages can easily perform Tai Chi exercises. Apart from its use for martial art, most practitioners use forms of Tai Chi for physical and mental benefits.

    Many researchers believe that Tai Chi exercises promote better balance and improve body flexibility for good cardiovascular fitness.