5 Knockout Indoor Cycling Tips

Indoor cycling is not only a good way to get exercise; it can also be an alternative to biking in inclement weather.

There are many different ways to use this type of exercise in order to get a thorough workout.

1. Using Your Own Bike

Using your own bicycle is an alternative to a regular stationary trainer. This is challenging due to the need for balance.

You can use rollers by setting them to lift both front and back wheels to a level and making sure that the length of the rollers matches the exercise bike. This is quite a difference from the regular indoor cycling machines that you have in a gym.

2. Use Music

When using indoor cycling machines, you will need to have something that will level out the monotony. Music is the best choice for this.

Upbeat music and loud music will both help motivate you to keep going for the length of the workout. Since you do not have to worry about road traffic, you can keep going with the music during your workout.

3. Race in a Dim Room

This might sound like a misnomer, but doing your racing in a dim room actually does help you. Racing in a dim room gives you a change from the normal scenery which will help your mind and give you a little bit more of a challenge for your indoor cycling workout. This is a complete change of pace from the “normal” daylight routine.

4. Alternate Workouts

There are many different workouts that can be used in indoor cycling. There is spinning, strength training and endurance just to name a few of the workouts that can be done indoors. Use a combination of the workouts to really challenge you and use different segments to challenge you even more.

5.  Use a Recumbent Bicycle

Believe it or not, you can use a recumbent bicycle in your indoor cycling. These bikes may look lazy, but you get a fantastic workout using one.

Since you are in a recumbent position, there is no pressure on your wrists, back or neck and your vision actually improves. This is a fantastic way to get a workout without stressing your body to the extreme.

These tips can help you to maximize your workout and will offer you a change from the normal cycling routine that you use. Using variety is the key to a successful workout.