Essentials of a 6 pack abs workout plan

6 pack abs workout plan is not an easy one to draw. A planned workout routine under a dedicated trainer is the most recommended way to get to this goal in fitness. Following is the two-fold path to attain a 6 pack ab.

1. Lose fat

2. Build Muscle

Lose Fat

6 pack abs workout

To gain something one has to lose something. This principle holds good for workouts as well. To gain 6 pack abs, one has to lose fat. Cardio workouts such as jogging and running help your body burn fat and make your abs visible. Eating smart is another best way to gain abs quicker. Drinking plenty of water and weight training are the two other things that one must do to lose fat and gain abs.

Build Muscle

Muscle building is a technique that is achieved only through a strict workout plan. Here is the workout plan for gaining 6 pack abs by building muscles.


This is a set of exercises done lying flat on a mat with legs bent at the knee. Regular crunches are done by lifting your body to the knees with the hands supporting your head and neck. Vertical crunches involve performing the same actions on the vertically raised legs. Reverse crunches are done by placing your legs close to your buttocks and then raining your upper body towards the knees as with the regular crunches. These crunches can also be done using a Swiss ball.

Sit ups

Similar to the crunches, but more intense, sit ups require you to sit all the way up while keeping your feet on the ground and the knee up. Inhale and exhale with each movement. Using an incline bench is the most common variation for this workout. It is often found in the gyms.

Core strengthening

Squats, dead lifts and planks are some of the workouts that strengthen your body from the core. Include them in your workout plan to get fabulous abs.

Leg lifts

Lying down on your back with arms to your sides, lift the legs straight up without bending the knees. Hold for a few seconds and then relax. Repeat as many rounds as possible.

Bicycle crunches

This is the best way to train your oblique muscles. This exercise requires you to stretch out on the floor. Then put your hands behind your head, interlocking the fingers for support. Now, lift your knee towards your chest and then prop up your opposite shoulder such that the elbow of that side touches the lifted knee. Get back to rest position.

The combination of crunches, squats and lifts in your 6 pack abs workout plan is a fast track for success.