9 Free Things For Your Daily Workout Routine

Free Things For Your Daily Workout

—  The No Equipment Workout Tips Anyone Can Use!

It isn’t always necessary to have time or the resources to join a gym or exercise classes to be able to keep fit.

Keeping fit is rather an attitude and you can try for it anywhere you want.

You just need to plan home workout routines for yourself. There are a lot of things available for free inside your own house which can help you keep fit provided you know how to use them.


Whether you want to do it during a commercial break while watching your favorite daytime drama, or in the evening when you are relaxing a bit before preparing your supper, you have the resources available for home workout routines to have a fitter body.

Have Home Workout Routines With These 9 Free Things Available At Your Home:

1. Warm-Up Using Your Stairs



Starting out by getting your heart pumping and your lungs straining is important for warming up your muscles and your body.

You can do some simple walking up and down your stairs as home workout routines with the addition of some weights (tins of food or bags of groceries) to add additional resistance. You can even run up and down the stairs to get a really good cardio workout.

2. Knee-Ups Using Your Couch



Sit on the edge of your couch and lean back with your arms behind or beside you with palms facing forward. Then stretch out your legs and pull them in as if you were doing a reverse crunch. Let the legs out again. Repeat this home workout routine as many times until you feel the burn.

3. Triceps And Chest Workout Using The Countertop



For this home workout routine, place your palms forward on the countertop. While facing the countertop with straight arms take your feet off the floor and lift yourself up and down to work your triceps.

If you want to work the back a little more, lean forward as you can see here and you’re be able to isolate that area.

4. Squats Using Your Couch



Do a quick exercise break while watching TV or during commercials with this simple squat using your couch. Stand a few feet away from the couch, with your back to the couch and one leg on top of the couch behind you.

With arms on your hips or in the air, bend your standing leg to 90 degrees slowly and then rise up again. Be sure to repeat with the second leg!

5. Reverse Hyper-extension Using A Ball Or Ottoman



Many of us have a workout ball sitting around the house, and if that’s you, pull it out and try some home workout routines! The reverse extension can also be done by using the edge of your couch or an ottoman if you don’t have an exercise ball. Simply balance yourself on the ball with it resting centered under your pelvis.

Place your hands on the floor in front of you shoulder width apart and palms facing forward. With your toes on the floor, get your balance and then begin lifting your legs off of the floor above the level of your buttocks. You can do this with either wide legs or legs together.

6. Dips Using A Kitchen Chair



Sit on the edge of your chair and put your heels out in front of you. With your palms on the chair away from your body, scoot your hips out off of the chair and then begin lowering your body.

Keep your torso very straight, keep your back close to the chair, and keep your arms at a 90 degree angle. You can make this workout more advanced if you place rest your heels on a second chair in front of you.

7. Calf Raises Using A 2 X 4



For this home workout routine, get any piece of wood sitting around your home that’s about 2 inches in height for this exercise. As long as your feet can rest comfortably on it, it will work.

Start with your toes on the wood and your heels on the floor, then slowly raise your heels off of the floor and lift up as far as you can.  Hold the lift for a few seconds at the top and let your heels fall back down again.

8. Straight-Arm Pushdown Workout Using A Kitchen Towel



Using a kitchen towel and working on a hard surface floor (like hardwood, tile, or lino), anchor your feet against the wall and place your hands on the towel.

Engage the lats and let the towel slide away from your body as you stretch out and then pull back. This home workout routine will work your lats and your core.

9. Side Plank Using Your Stairs



To workout your shoulders, arms, and back, use this side plank exercise. Though this is being demonstrated on prop stairs, you can use your regular stairs for this daily workout routine.

Placing one hand on the edge of a stair, walk your feet out until your body is straight and then raise your second hand so that it creates a straight line from right to left. Hold there for a few seconds and then switch sides.

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