The Many Benefits of Water Aerobic Exercises

If you are unable to keep up with your normal, mundane aerobic exercises, you should think about taking your workout to the swimming pool and getting some pool time in your life.  While most people view the pool as a place to relax in the summer, there are actually many advantages to working out in the water instead of in your living room.

Water Aerobic ExercisesWater aerobic exercises are very similar to regular aerobic routines.  The only difference is that they become a bit tougher and better for the body by completing them in water.

Water resistance helps to make it harder for you to complete your workout, and this makes it easier to utilize your muscles more often during your exercise.

When you have water surrounding your body during a workout, you will be able to help your cardiovascular health while also building some muscle all over your body.

You can basically view the water as one big weight that is attached to every part of your body.

When you move around in the water, you have to exert much more effort to try and finish your workout routine.  This kind of workout can make your muscles feel rather sore at first, but this soreness will go away after you get used to your new workout environment.

Working out in the water for the first time will likely make you feel more tired than ever before the next day, but this general tiredness tends to go away after a few weeks of exercising in the water every day.

Before you do any kind of water aerobic exercises in the pool, you will want to make sure you have thoroughly stretched yourself out.  Because of the resistance provided by the water, some people will be more prone to injuries while working out in the water.

Cramps can happen soon after you begin exercising if you don’t properly stretch yourself out, and you don’t want to have to get out of the pool before you even get down to some serious working out.  If you stretch out your muscles before you get in the pool, you are basically telling your body to expect some kind of stress and exertion in the near future.  This helps the body prepare for what is about to come.

What kind of water aerobic exercises should you do?

When you get in the water, you can pretty much do the same exercises you would do on land.  These exercises will now just be much harder to complete.  Try starting out with something like walking around in the pool to test how well you will do in this environment.  You can then move on to jogging in the pool.  Jogging in the pool is one of the best exercises you can do for your body.

There are other exercises, such as jumping jacks, that you can do if you are so inclined; however, I would stick with either walking or jogging to begin with.  Jogging is really all you need to do when you are in the pool because it moves all parts of your body against the resistance provided by the surrounding water.