Top Bicep & Triceps Workouts You Need to Know

Lean and slim arms are attractive for women but this is not the case with men, for men biceps and triceps are what make them look attractive. Even if developing well-toned triceps and biceps is not an easy task, it is not completely impossible as well. If you want well-toned and attractive biceps and triceps you must continue reading this article as we have prepared a list of all the workouts that you can practice for the same.

These are some exercises that you can practice using dumbbells at your home or at the gym. All the exercises mentioned in the list below are easy and will give you positive results.

Top Bicep & Triceps Workouts You Need to Know

1. Standing curls

This exercise can be done using any weight and is purely beginners friendly. It is a basic arm movement and should be practiced by everybody. This is a very versatile movement and one can perform it in various ways – one hand at a time or both hands at the same.

2. Incline curls

This is another very popular and effective exercise and hits both the upper and lower biceps together. This exercise is also very easy to perform as compared to other exercises. For this exercise, you can take help of your shoulders to make it easy if you are a beginner.

3. Hammer curls

If you have big arms, you can not only focus on developing biceps. You will have to pay some attention to your forearms as well. With this exercise, you will be able to change the angle in which you move your arm and thus you will give pressure to your forearms as well. If you want round muscular arm, include this exercise.

4. Drag curls

This may be a slightly unusual workout, however, is very effective. In this exercise, you don’t curl the weight out instead you need to drag the dumbbells along your chest. This exercise will make sure that you engage your upper biceps and make the well-toned.

5. Dips

If you want well-toned triceps you can never dip, they are essential. Though dips are of two types – upright dip and bench dip. If you a beginner go for the bench dips. Even if they seem too easy, they are not but the result will be surely worth the pain. If you have been working out for some time now, you can always go for upright dips as they are little tough for beginners.

6. Pushups

How can someone forget pushups? If you are not a gym person, you can always try push-ups. For this, you don’t have to go a gym and no one can deny their effectiveness. Also, push-ups are freehand requires no equipment.

Our advice for any individual starting with workouts would be not to rush and take things slow. Start by performing each workout 5 times and then increase the repetitions. Bodybuilding is not surely a magic and you will not notice any major difference within first few days but you will surely notice gradual changes with regular practice.