Body Weight Exercises for Beginners

Getting into the groove and routine of body building and weight exercises can seem like a daunting task for beginners. In the beginning of body weight exercises, the body experiences tremendous fatigue and pain and hence one must know which exercises should be done at the starting time.

Body Weight Exercises for Beginners

One must understand that doing excessive amounts of exercises and physical hardwork in the beginning of weight training can prove to be extremely harmful for the body and hence you can follow the following given body weight exercises for beginners:

Plant plyos

This exercise is an extremely proven and effective body weight exercise for beginners. It is great for building strength and power. It involves movements such as tucking, squatting, landing, blocking and punching.


Another exercise which is considered very useful for body building starters is lunges. This helps to develop and build single leg strength. The strength so built helps in the development of the posterior chain and this is the main contributor to sprinting power as well as jumping.

Wall handstand

One of the most common body weight workout for beginners it the wall handstand. Handstand is an effective way to improve upper body strength and balance as well. Infact it also helps in the improvement of spatial awareness. Wall handstand is a perfect way in which one can become familiar with controlling one’s body in an inverted position which leads to introduction in acrobatics as well as tumbling.

Broad jump burpees

This particular starters body weight exercise is a combination of broad jump, squat and also push up. What is great about this exercise is that it works on the entire body and makes for a lovely conditioning exercise. In fact this particular workout method develops vital skills like weight transfer etc.

Tuck jump to silent landing

This is one exercise which is great for those who are looking to improve their jumping power. The silent landing part of this workout method helps to build leg strength and also improves the concentration which is required for safer as well as stronger landings.

Knees to elbows

This beginners exercise for body weight training is a core workout method which has a perfect application. It improves one’s ability to life the knees towards the chest. This particular ability in turn helps starters to do other movements such as vaults, jumping and back flips as well. All these exercises must be done in the presence of experts.