Boot Camp Is Not Just For Marines

There is a trend among fitness centers and gyms now called ‘Boot Camp’ and this trend is amazing.

The name sounds intimidating and overwhelming but actually Boot Camp is an incredible work out and the time flies by while you’re doing it.

Basically the premise is the instructor will give you an exercise to do and you may do it for the entirety of a song. Usually the exercise is three-in-one. For example you may have a set of hand weights of around 5-10 lbs each.Boot Camp

The instructor may show you a bicep curl followed by a triceps extension followed by an exercise where you raise the weights up to your sides. Then a fun and funky song will be put on something by Black Eyed Peas or Rihanna or something that gets you energized.

You will do ten of the bicep curls followed by ten of the triceps and ten of the arm raises. You will repeat this 10-10-10 for the song. When you concentrate on breathing and counting and the music the time really does fly by and you don’t realize how much pain you are in from the exercises.

Another Boot Camp favorite of mine is lying on your back with a barbell and doing chest press and triceps curls from that position. Boot Camp is an amazing way to tone and build muscle while burning hundreds of calories.