Butt Lift Workout For Dummies

A perfectly toned derriere, a luscious butt that you cannot take your eyes off, is not the sole preserve of the celebs; it is possible even for the common Jane and Joe to achieve with a good butt lift workout.

Some celebrities chooses to get liposuction on these areas to have more defined butt. You can check out and compare thigh liposuction cost in your area, but not all people can afford to spend money on these procedures to achieve that toned butts and thighs.

With this simple butt lift workout routine, that will take just 5 minutes of your time each day; you can help yourself get at close to the J Lo rear end as it is genetically possible for you to get:

butt lift exerciseButt Lift Workout Exercise 1 – The Plie

Stand with your feet pointing outward and more than shoulder width apart, with your arms at your side.

Curve the end of your spine under and contract the buttocks; then lower your body into a squat as low as possible, while at the same time, raising the arms up to the height of the shoulders with the palms facing down. Hold for a few seconds, and perform 20 reps.

Butt Lift Workout Exercise 2 – The Touchdown

With the toes pointing forward, stand with the feet shoulder width apart. Then squat until your knees bend and form a right angle of 90 degrees. Take the left leg and extend it behind in a lunge with the opposite (right) hand touching the floor beside the right foot.

At the same time, raise the left hand in front of the face. Return to the starting position and then do the same with the other side. Repeat for 20 times in all, alternating sides.

Butt Lift Workout Exercise 3 – The Explosive Lunge

Using the right leg, lunge forward in a way that the knee forms a neat right angle while the opposite knee points towards the floor, slightly angled. Hold the position for a couple of seconds and then perform the difficult bit.

Jump clean off the ground and switch legs mid air, and land on the ground in a way that the positions of both legs are revered – the left leg is now forming a right angle and the left points towards the floor. In this way, keep alternating for 20 reps.

Butt Lift Workout Exercise 4 – The Single Leg Squat

For this exercise use a small folded mat or towel to place under one foot, and to help slide the foot. Stand with the placed close together toes placed normally with arms at the side. The right foot should be placed on top of the folded towel.

Standing with the body weight on the left leg, bend the left knee while at the same time moving the right foot along with the towel to the side as far as possible.

Hold for a few seconds and then draw back the leg while straightening the other leg. Do this for half a minute and then switching legs repeat for another half minute.

Butt Lift Workout Exercise 5 – The Kick Back

With the arms at your sides, stand with the feet about two feet apart, sit down in a squat with the weight of the body resting on the heels. Lift one leg straight back up behind the buttocks, extend the arms and keep the hips pointing forward. Switch sides and continue for one more minute.