The Crossfit Training and Practicing It at an Older Age

What is crossfit training really? It is a kind of exercise that is usually done in gyms and many of these places take pride that they have a really large community that has joined their programs of crossfit exercises starting from 7 year olds to 70 year olds.

The interesting thing about the exercises is that they do not change over time, but there are some things that need to be taken into consideration when being over 50.

Crossfit TrainingAccording to the official definition of the program, this is a kind of exercise that offers broad, general and inclusive fitness and it specializes in not specializing.

There are numerous fields that benefit from exercises, like survival, but also the general life.

Every studio will offer a different definition for crossfit workouts but the basis is the same. The program is able to offer you a general level of fitness in a really short period of time, while focusing on many different things at once.

It is said that the crossfit workout will optimize the physical competence in 10 different domains: cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, strength, stamina, power, flexibility, speed, agility, coordination, accuracy and balance.

There is an official website of the training program, where every day you will find the workout of the day. The members should follow this exercise plan which is also available to those people who have the required equipment.

The majority of the exercises are timed, meaning that you have to perform them as fast as you can. For example, you have a certain amount of time assigned for each exercise and during this you have to make as many reps or rounds as you can.

There are different kinds of exercises, such as Olympic and power lifts, polyometrics, kettlebells, bodyweight exercises, running, gymnastics and rowing.

The people who would like to join the community of the crossfit trainers and that require some special attention because of their age got the name of silvers. In case of these people, although they are quite fit and they were able to do a lot of exercise once, their age implies they shouldn’t push themselves to the limit anymore. In their case the intensity of the crossfit training isn’t that important anymore.

After 50, all you have to do is to prepare your body, work out so that you will challenge your body but also listen to what your body has to tell you.

Remember that, although the exercises of crossfit seem just great, there are some dangers. There is an example when the high intensity workouts, the heavy weights and a lot of repetition sent one of the members of crossfit training community to the hospital with the diagnosis of rabdomyolysis – a serious condition.

The benefits of the crossfit exercises at an older age is that they give strength to people helping them to do their everyday activities and according to some they also prepare you for the unexpected events that life could throw at you. According to some researchers, the healthy people have to gain a lot from the crossfit training even at the age of 80.