Determining Different Body Types

How can you make the best of what your body has to offer for fitness, exercise, and healthy living?

How can your workouts give you more, with some consideration for and of how you are build, your bone structure, stature, physique, physical height/weight, presence and distribution of body-fat, metabolic rates and more? Have you ever considered these aspects as part of your overall health and fitness assessment(s), your workout routines, types and duration of exercises and the like?

We are often left to ask and wonder why our exercise routines at times can seem so highly ‘ineffective’ or uneventful, with little explanation, clarification or specifics for our own circumstance, build, condition, health, fitness, goals or frustrations!body building

The unique and beautiful thing here is that each of us has a kind of default body-type, frame and naturally endowed physique, which in turn is coded (encoded/decoded) into our genetics, manifested in our bodily appearance – into how we look and function. Our bodies and what we do with them are uniquely defined and individually different, bestowed and we need to unlock these inner secrets to make the most of our body type and exercise dynamics.

How do you define yourself and your outer/outward appearance: slim, fat, tall, petite, wide-shouldered, pear shaped. Body types are present in many a field, especially psychology and fitness sciences, diet and weight loss and many more/others.

What affects what your body looks like?

  1. The clothes you choose to wear
  2. The food you choose to eat *what, how much, how often, size portions, content etc.
  3. Male or female
  4. Individual factors and variations
  5. Increased body weight or loss
  6. Amount of body fat
  7. Levels of physical activity

There are basically three body types. They are ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph. You recognize and decide your body type and accordingly follow the exercise and diet for that body type.

Determining Body types:

  1. Doing the right type, duration, repetitions and combination of exercises to suit our body type default best, in order to optimize what we have and can enjoy in and through life, is what it is all about. You have to figure out for yourself how to in effect be getting the most out of your body type.
  2. Genetics determine our body types and body shape.
  3. Looking at physical attributes and stature, appearance and outer looks, based on mainly physical characteristics might just hold some of the basic keys to unlocking each of our potential secrets for results and success when exercising.
  4. Our individual body types or shapes can not be changed
  5. Our shape and body type develops right before, from birth through to adulthood.

Deliberate action, through targeted diet and exercises will be the key to your success. Consideration and consequence rewards you if you take body type into your equation for fitness, health and living. Your body, life and future will thank you.

You won’t experience any difficulties in including fitness in your routine. If this is the case, you can consider ways to include fitness routine in your schedule.

Workouts for different body types:

  1. You want to optimize your metabolic rate while engaging in these types of acticities.
  2. You can opt for milder or more intense, frequent, longer workouts that include elements of this through walking, running, rowing
  3. The main priority would be to lose and burn the fat, get weight down and maintain a healthier weight,
  4. more over shorter periods of timewill reap you the ultimate benefit here. Consider activities and combinations of push ups, chin ups, squat thrusts, even power jumps and weight training.
  5. High and fast – impact and pushing the exercise envelope through regular and intense workouts including cardio, aerobic-type activities that get the heartrate up, breathing and exertion on track, effectively burning fat and calories more effectively.
  6. Depending on your current fitness level you can also opt for medium to lower input and effort for longer periods. Physcial fitness is very beneficial in leading healthy life.
  7. A second type of exercise that is greatly helpful in these pursuits are muscle toning (anaerobic exercise), This has to do with burning complex carboydrates, It is all about improving, developing, buidling, strengthening and sculpting.