Different Types of Aerobics

Aerobics is defined as any physical activity that is done long and hard enough to enhance respiratory and circulatory efficiency.

You can avoid diseases such as stroke, diabetes, heart disease, cancers and hypertension by regular aerobic exercise.

Regular aerobic exercise will also get you better rates on your health insurance. Health insurance leads are great for finding the best prices, much like taking care of yourself leads to finding the best health insurance deals. This is a win win. You feel better and get the best deals on health care.

There are different types of aerobics such as dance aerobics, step aerobics, low impact aerobics and aerobic kickboxing.

Dance aerobics:

If you have no time to exercise, but wish to have a beautiful body, then you can prefer dance aerobics exercise [Five minute workout]. It is a great fun workout that helps in strengthening your body, giving energy to carry out your day-to-day activities efficiently and effectively.aerobics

There are many benefits of dance aerobics. It helps in losing weight and building body muscles.

Dance aerobics ensures healthy heart and strengthens your lungs. It enhances your blood circulation, relieves stress and lowers your cholesterol levels.

Different types of dance aerobics include Hi-Lo aerobics, Hip-Hop aerobics, Funk and jazz aerobics.

Hip-Hop aerobics:

The Hip-Hop aerobics is a dance aerobics routine, which mixes together funk with contemporary dance. Hip-Hop aerobics incorporates the usage of high energy dance, while focusing on the entire form of the body.

If you are a beginner, your instructor will direct and teach you the grooves, rhythm, rhyme and moves required to benefit from dance aerobics. If you want to lose weight fast, this is the most effective exercise.You might like it so much you might take dance classes for hip hop.

Hi-Lo aerobics:

Hi-Lo Aerobics involves a fast paced routine that includes rapid movement and work on thighs, abs, calf, heart and so on. You move typically on one side while slanting in position.

Hi-Lo Aerobics involves shuffling, turning, shuffling and doubling the knees back while sprinting during the routine and taking a profound side lunge at swift paces. Hi-Lo Aerobics work the abs, heart, calf, legs and thighs.

Funk and jazz aerobics:

Funk and jazz aerobics comprise low-impact workouts, which include jazz steps, funk twists and yoga.

Step aerobics:

Step aerobics offers a more intense workout. It provides extra boost by incorporating the action of stepping on to the platform to intensify the workout. It is a form of low impact and does not stress the joints as much as running and jogging. The action of stepping does not shock the joints.

During the Step Aerobic exercise, you position a footstep in the frontage, which you step one foot up, down and up on the other leg, replicating the course of action for quite a few minutes. The process is intended to tone the lower body.

Low impact aerobics:

Low-impact aerobics are those movements involving large muscle groups used in continuous rhythmic activity in which at least one foot contacts the floor at all times. It has developed to decrease the lower leg overuse injuries associated with high-impact classes.

This type of exercise is ideal for seniors, pregnant women and overweight people. It is beneficial for those who have not exercised for some time. With low impact aerobics, more fit people may have difficulty achieving required intensity, therefore they are told to use larger movements.

It means when you begin walking, you may walk with slow rate and slowly increase your step length and move your arms as you walk to get to the same level.

Aerobic kickboxing:

Aerobic kickboxing is also called as cardio boxing or boxing aerobics. It is a tremendous way of achieving a beautiful body. This type of exercise leads to quick weight loss. You feel more energetic and enthusiastic at the end of the session.

Aerobic kickboxing is used for toning your body and tightening your muscles and makes you look younger. It acts as a great stress reliever and enhances your flexibility level and blood circulation.

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