3 Easy Ways to Build Your Muscles at Home

Building muscles is something everyone wants but the struggle is real. People always think that building muscles is a tough task and one needs to have a gym membership and a rigorous training for that. But it is not as tough as it seems. There are some smart tips and routines that you can follow to build muscles at home without taking that expensive gym membership.

The basic concept behind muscle training is that the more you stress your muscles the more they will build resistance against it and hence will grow. Resistance encounter is very important for the muscles to grow. You can provide this resistance in form of anything like weights (weight machines, dumbbells, etc.) or you can use your own body weight to create the resistance against your muscles (like pushups, etc.)

Thus, building muscles at home need basic weight training. By basic training we mean using your own body’s weight to create resistance for your muscles and help them grow. A rigorous three to four hour of workout each week is enough to train your muscles. Pull-ups help the arm and back muscles to grow while push-ups help to build up the shoulder, arms and chest. For legs and butts you can do squats and sit-ups.

3 Easy Ways to Build Your Muscles at Home

1. Level-1 routines for muscle building

Day 1-Start with pull-ups. For the first day make a set of one pull-up, two push-ups and three squats. Work out for 20 minutes and repeat the sets for that period of time. Don’t strain your muscles out on the very first day.

Day 2-Increase the number of sets as well as the number of each exercise. Do 2 pull-ups, 5 push-ups and 8 squats. Take rest in between the sets. Do 5 sets or 6 six sets but not more than that. Don’t push yourself more than you need to.

Day 3-Do more than you did the previous day increase the number of push-ups, pull-ups and squats according to how much your body can take. Increase the number of sets as well. Make sure that you take breaks in between the sets. Work yourself up to the number of sets you have decided without losing motivation.

2. Level-2 routines

After you have made progression with level one routine, move towards level two routine. You will soon realize that you are able to do lots of repetitions without getting fatigued. Try to increase the number of reps and time of your routine. Try to do difficult reps like one arm push-ups, use rings instead of bars, one arm push-ups etc. try to make your routine tough so that you muscles get proper resistance for their growth.

3. Notch it up a level

You can also get a set of dumbbells at home for better arm training. Another way to notch your reps up a bit is by wearing weights and doing squats or pull-ups. You can wear a backpack with weights in it and exercise while wearing it. You can increase the weight as the days proceed.

Building muscles at home is not tough if you know the right things to do. You must know how to start and with how much to begin.