Effective Arm Workouts For Women

Gone are the days when women have to confine themselves inside the comforts of their homes. Inasmuch as women of today have become more liberated, they have already embraced things which were known only to men, bodybuildingarm workouts for women among others.

Just as men can have stronger and muscled arms, women can make theirs just as stronger and sexier as well. Learn from the following must-have arm workouts for women like you.

Basic arm workouts for women are classified into three namely, biceps, triceps and shoulder muscles. Concentrate on these three and in due time your arms and shoulders will make heads turn.

Don’t believe what other people say about you getting Arnold Schwarzenegger arms from too much working out because that is so untrue.

Recommended bicep exercise

Does the front of your arms lack shape? Try doing a side dumbbell biceps curl on a ball because this particular arm workout is what you really need. Simply grab those two dumbbells, then sit on large stability balls with your arms hang at the sides, palms facing up and elbows tucked into the body.

However, your forearms must be spread out to the sides and away from your body. Begin by curling dumbbells towards your shoulder. Thereafter, extend your arms to starting position. Sounds challenging, right?

For better results, perform three sets of 12 to 15 curls resting between bouts for 30 seconds. In about four weeks times, you can now wear your tank top and show off your shapely biceps.

This kind of curl brings about a certain muscular change right in the inside of your biceps. Just an added info, this kind of arm workouts for women is usually included in routines purposely to add size and power or to chisel some cuts.

Recommended triceps exercise

Don’t you just love Cameron Diaz and Jessica Biel with their almost perfect triceps? You too can have sexy arms like they do. Hanging dips is an arm workout for women who want great triceps. You don’t even have to go to the gym. All you need is a bench where you can do your dips.

If you are using dip bars, just hold yourself up on the two dip handles. Bend your arms slowly and lower yourself to the ground until arms are at 90 degrees. Now, if you are doing it in a bench, simply dip down until 90 degrees the most. No need to go lower because you’ll be putting much pressure on your shoulders. Then press up, slow and easy.

Recommended exercise for the shoulders

Defined shoulders are to-die for features in women. Not too many are able to achieve it but you can be one of those who can proudly show it off by doing the military press. It is one of the arm workouts for women who want nice shoulders. It is simple and easy too.

Start off by sitting on the edge of an exercise bench with dumbbells in both hands. Raise your arms and elbows bent at 90 degrees angle in line with your shoulders. However, don’t completely straighten them as they will stiffen your joints. Hold for a second and back again from starting position. Use weights that you can manage at the moment.

In due time, you will be on your way to showing off those sexy arms and perfect shoulders!