Exercise – A Natural Mood Booster!

Want to reduce depression, stress and anxiety in your life? Find how exercise helps to reduce them!

According to the latest research published recently in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, the official journal of the American College of Sports Medicine, exercise not only helps to stay your body in shape but it also boosts your mood.

To prove this statement, researchers have made a study on depressed patients.

They divided these depressed patients into two groups, for one group they gave medicines where as for the other group they made to walk for some period of time on regular basis.

In surprise, it has found that the people who are made to practice exercise on regular basis recovered from their blues a lot when compared to the other group who are insisted to take medicines. This shows clear evidence on how exercise will be helpful to boost your mood.Exercise

Each and every part of your body will become active by practicing exercise regularly. The nerves which are present in your body will be strengthened and becomes active by this. If your nerves are active, then automatically your mood and interest levels also increase.

Emotional reactions: Your stress, strain, and tension levels will also come under your control with exercise. A person who practices exercise regularly for 40 to 60 minutes will have less stress, strain and tension levels when compared to the man who don’t practice exercise regularly.

How exercises boost the mood?

The correct reaction for these developments in your body through exercise is not found out. But, experts say that, certain useful chemical reactions will take place in your body which makes to stay each and every emotion under control.

Experts also say that with only medicines, your health problem will not be cured completely and lot of time is required to see the improvements where as if you include exercise in your daily routine along with the usage of medicines, better improvements will be seen in your health within short period of time.

Your resistance and will power also increases with the exercise. You will be less affected to the diseases or other health problems by adding exercise in your daily routine.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, then try to walk for some period of time instead of a nap. Certainly you will observe better results with it.

Other added advantages with exercise: Your total body tends to be under your control if you practice exercise regularly for some fixed period of time which is required for you according to your age and weight.

Other than the health benefits, a glow and charm will also increase in your body which makes you to look more attractive and beautiful.