Exercise For Strong Bones – Here’s How!

It could not be stressed enough as to just how good exercise is for you.

Medical professionals have continuously advocated the many health benefits of regular exercise.

Some of the benefits that have been repeatedly mentioned are that it helps speed up your metabolism to help you lose weight, builds up muscles, increases your stamina and endurance and it is good for your bones.

Yes, that’s right! Regular exercise using weights and machines that give some form of resistance helps the body promote the growth of bones. This improves your bone density level and as a result helps you fight osteoporosis.

There are some exercises that have been considered as ideal exercises for strong bone development and maintenance. Here are some of them.

Yoga and Pilates

While this is considered as a low impact exercise routine, yoga has been classified as one of the ideal exercises for strong bone development. This is because instead of using weight machines to put some resistance, yoga and pilates use your entire body weight for this.

The different positions used in pilates and yoga also encourages you to balance and put most, if not all of your weight on certain parts of your body. For example, standing positions such as the transitional lunges pose, the tree pose and the warrior pose, causes you to shift all of your body weight on your hips and legs.

On the other hand, the reverse plank pose and the upward and downward dog positions shift most of the weight to your arms.

Jump Rope

Medical research has discovered that high impact activities and exercises encourage the body to promote bone growth. Activities such as jump rope are examples of high impact exercises for strong bones.

Apart from being a great cardiovascular workout to help you build your body’s endurance and stamina while encouraging healthy blood flow, the impact experienced by your leg and foot muscles helps you develop stronger bones on the lower part of your body which would greatly help improve your balance.


This is a perfect exercise for strong bones in your upper body area, specifically your arms and shoulders as well as your spine. Boat rowing along the river or in the sea not only helps you relax, but you can also enjoy the picturesque landscapes.

The resistance provided by the water and the current helps encourage higher bone density along the upper body area. This has been proven in a study conducted by the University of Oregon where they discovered that rowers tend to have a higher bone density rate by about 6% as compared to those who do not take up rowing.

Step Aerobics

Doing a 45-minute step aerobic routine has been proven by the Texas A & M University to help promote bone and muscle growth, specifically on the lower body region. This is brought about by the changing paces and various routines done during step aerobics.

With these steps looking almost like dance steps, it is a fun way to keep fit, lose those extra pounds and build higher bone density faster as compared to walking or even running.