Exercise To Keep Your Brain Active!

Know how exercise increases your resistance power and keeps your brain active

The research done by Ohio State University has proved that exercise keeps the brain young.

By practicing exercise regularly, positive mental gain will be attained to your mind and this helps your brain to stay active and young.

Researchers of Ohio State University proved this fact by conducting experiments on a group of people.

They made the people to practice aerobic activity regularly for 10 weeks and found that the participants have significantly improved in their physical, cognitive and emotional skills.Exercise To Keep Your Brain Active

Researchers also observed the people who are still practicing exercise for long period of time i.e.1 year and found that those people are still achieving their positive mental gains where as the people who stopped practicing exercise had lost it.

Why exercise makes your brain young?

The correct reasons for this development in your brain have not been found out, but it will be certainly achieved by you if you practice exercise regularly for some fixed period of time.

Some experts are giving reason for this development as: exercise increases the blood and oxygen flow to the brain, so the brain becomes young and active enough.

Exercise increases your resistance and will power!

According to the researches, people have to practice exercise for at least 30 to 45 minutes in a day. Exercise results in several benefits to your mind and body. Other than the benefits, your resistance power and will power also increase by exercising regularly.

If you have sufficient resistance power, diseases will not affect you easily when compared to the normal people who don’t consider exercise as an essential aspect.

Change your regular routine according to your convenience:

Researchers also suggest that if you are unable to practice exercise regularly for 30 to 45 minutes in a week, then consider it for 3 days and practice exercise regularly for 1 hour in those three days. You can attain total advantages by practicing exercise three days a week.

A little break in your regular routine can slow down your health and body achievements. So, be strict in case of exercise and don’t give any breaks unless your health is not fit or you don’t have enough strength.

Make note of one thing while practicing exercise i.e. don’t force yourself to practice if you don’t have enough energy levels or if your health is not supporting you to practice it.

Give exception in these cases because it is not good to practice exercise in such situations and your body can become even sick by practicing exercise in unhealthy state.