How to Exercise with Mobility Issues?

We are responsible for our own health as it is not something we could buy. As we age, older people start facing mobility issues due to several age-related chronic health problems. Therefore, daily exercising becomes of utmost importance to stay active. It can be difficult for people with limited mobility to perform adequate exercise, but with advanced equipment they can perform certain exercises which will ultimately led to good quality health.

Stair lift

A person with a disability, injury or any other such issues can also find benefits through exercise. Through the below advice, there’s no question that people with mobility issues can start exercising and experience its benefits:

A Slow start

People with limited mobility can start with simple activities and gradually increase their level of activity. A slow start however will make them start with some movements which can slowly lead to the improved health. The most important thing to consider are your personal capabilities while exercising. One should not force themselves to perform certain exercises.

Moving One Step Ahead with Few Exercises

After starting with some activity, they can progress further by practicing the below exercises:

  • Cardiovascular Exercises

For cardio exercises, indoor as well as outdoor exercises are available. There are number of outdoor options one can choose, including walking, jogging, swimming, jumping etc., whereas indoor exercises include squats, pushups, etc. It depends on one’s capabilities. One of the best options is using stairs for exercising. But, when it comes to people with limited mobility, staircases are not safe. A stairlift could really help for people with limited mobility.


  • Seated Dancing

This is one of the more interesting ways of exercising for people with mobility issues. Dancing while sitting on a chair with some rock music can be a great way of exercising. One can actually enjoy this by waving their arms, wriggling their body and have fun. Through this exercise, one can loosen and strengthen their body movements.

  • Using a Chair for Yoga or Similar Activities

A few of the yoga poses can be done while sitting on a chair. Some of the poses one can do are cat-cow stretching, raised hand pose, forward bending pose, spinal twists, etc. Other activities such as arm circles, toe taps, knee lifts, chair aerobics, etc. are also feasible options for older people or people with mobility issues.

  • Pilates

It is a mind and body workout including calisthenics, ballet, etc. that is effective for the core muscles of the body. This method is safer and easier for people who have some mobility issues, as it enables them to improve their strength and maintain their fitness.  A few of the pilates exercises include side circles, mermaid, etc.

Making it a Habit

However, starting with a few movements or exercises is definitely a great start. But to build on that start by continuing to exercise every day is equally important. Simply put, people with limited mobility should exercise as a daily habit. This will not only result in their improved health but will also build their spirit and enhance their self esteem.