Flexible Exercises To Attain Flexibility And Great Physique!

Seriously trying to strengthen your muscles and slim down? Then, why don’t you try flexibility exercises to make yourself flexible.

Flexibility refers to the ability of the joints, muscles or other parts of the body to move freely through a full range of motion.

Flexibility is the most essential part of an exercise routine as well as in our daily routine activities such as bending, walking, sitting, etc.

As flexibility decreases with age, it is most essential to add flexibility exercises in your fitness exercise routine to stay flexible. But, while adding flexibility exercises to your exercise routine ensure that you make a proper selection.stretching exercise

This is because properly selected flexibility exercises can increase body flexibility and provides several health benefits such as relieving muscle cramps.

Flexibility exercises comprise of stretching, loosening up and bending. Flexibility exercises are of two types: Range of motion (ROM) exercises and stretching exercises.

Range of motion exercise is the safest form of flexibility exercise and is generally preferred in a warm-up routine. It enhances the existing range of motion in the joints.

On the other hand, stretching exercise help to increase the joint’s range of motion through stretching more than the existing ranges.

How to select proper exercises for flexibility?

If you are unsure of how to select proper flexibility exercises for your fitness exercise routine, take help of a qualified trainer or follow some of these flexibility exercises to gain flexibility and great physique:

Abdominal lat stretch

It is a stretching form of flexibility exercise. To start the exercise, drape your body to one side on the ball. Put the top leg in the front and bottom leg at the back to balance the body.

Now, with the support of bottom hand (hand on the ground) move the top hand (other hand) above your head by stretching as much as possible for you. This exercise makes you feel great in stretching.

The exercise mainly focuses on the abdominals and strengthens the abdominal muscles. It makes the back more strong and gives a powerful physique.

Hurdles stretch

It is a hamstring stretch. Start by sitting with leg extended forward and the other bent into the body. Now, lean forward through your lower back until a feeling of stretch develops in your body. The exercise is primarily for knee flexibility, internal as well as external rotation.

Chest and bicep flexibility stretch exercise

The exercise focuses on chest, shoulder and biceps. Start the exercise by lying back on a ball (swiss ball, stability ball, or exercise ball) with your shoulder blades on the greater part of the ball.

Then, holding the dumbbells, drape the arms to the sides and maintain the stretch position for about 15-20 seconds. Repeat the exercise after a rest period of 30 seconds. Remember that this flexibility exercise should not perform before a chest/bicep exercise.

Forearm stretch

Start the exercise by holding one of the hands using the fingers of the other hand and pulling it back until a feeling of stretch develops. This fitness exercise is very helpful for the sports that involve throwing.